'Kingdom Hearts IV' presents a new look for series protagonist Sora.

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Square Enix is developing a new mainline Kingdom Hearts game

Kingdom Hearts IV' features a new look for series protagonist Sora |  Engadget


Square Enix is ​​developing a new Kingdom Hearts game,

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announced Sunday at an event in Tokyo to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts IV franchise, which will see series protagonist Sora return after Kingdom Hearts III. The year 2019 ended with a storyline that started with the original game in 2002.

The Square Enix trailer shared over the opening weekend, Sora wakes up in a city called Quadratum, a Tokyo-like city rendered in style. The realistic graphics are the starting point for the series. After a new character named Strelitzia introduces herself to Sora,

the city is attacked by towering monsters. As Sora runs away to face the threat. The example also seemed to transition smoothly to gameplay. We see Sora recreating an impressive parkour that involves a collapsed building. after title card Donald's Introductory Example Doug and Goofy in search of a lost friend

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