Canadian visa: myths and facts

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Canada is a country that has been attracting Ukrainians and tourists from other countries for many years. At the same time, it is considered one of the most inaccessible states in terms of visas, along with the United States and Great Britain

At the same time, a large number of myths and outright misconceptions related to obtaining a Canadian visa are spread on the Internet. In this article, we will briefly analyze which of them are true and which are false.

Canadian visa is expensive
There is an opinion that you will have to pay a tidy sum for obtaining a visa to Canada, which can hit the pockets of ordinary tourists hard. Opening a Canadian visa is really an expensive pleasure (the consular and service fee for opening a visa in 2019 is 4050 UAH).

However, Canada is not the only country to charge applicants this amount. So, for example, the consular fee for opening an American visa for Ukrainians will cost 160 US dollars, and for a British one - from 115 euros. Thus, Canada remains approximately on the same level with countries with similar visa requirements and does not differ too much from them in its visa fee.

Having an American visa guarantees obtaining a Canadian visa.
Many people think that having an American visa opens many doors for its holders. Including that it a priori provides a positive solution to the issue of issuing a Canadian visa. In reality, this is not the case. Having a positive visa history (issued visas and successfully closed visas of other countries) contributes to faster processing of the application and may increase the chances of a positive outcome.

However, there is no official guarantee that Canadian office staff will not refuse you even if they see you have a valid US visa. In the event of an incorrectly compiled package of documents, insufficient funds, or the discovery of lies or any inconsistencies, no visas will be able to convince the consulate to open a Canadian visa for you,

Canadian visa allows you to enter the United States
Canada and the United States are located close to each other, speak the same language and share a common history. Because of this, many people get the impression that the countries are so close that they have a common visa policy, and therefore, a Canada visa allows you to visit the States, and an American visa allows you to visit Canada.

In reality, this is not so. A Canadian visa allows its holder to enter the mainland of the country and its islands and does not provide any other opportunities. To enter America, you need to additionally obtain an American visa. Then you can easily move between the two countries. Just do not forget to agree on the validity of the visa and do not exceed the period of permissible stay in the country.

Yes, in practice, getting a visa to Canada is as difficult as getting a visa to Britain or the USA - it's really true. Therefore, carefully prepare for all the procedures that accompany this process. Do not be fooled, and when the desired document is in your hands, carefully study its possibilities and limitations so as not to lose the right to enter forever.

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