Crypto Head Says Scammers Have 'Special place in Hell'

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A senior director at one of the world's biggest cryptocurrency exchanges

Crypto boss says fraudsters have 'special place in hell' - BBC News


Curtis Ting spent eight years at the FBI before joining Kraken, where he is now managing director of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.I was a former law enforcement officer. And there are two other living grandparents,” he said. “Frankly,

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there is a special place in hell reserved for scammers and fraudsters trying to rob the weak and the elderly.He spoke about a fraud recently presented on Money Box in which 77-year-old Graeme Stagg stolen nearly £800,000.

Graeme was tricked into investing in cryptocurrency And more than half a million pounds were spent in less than a month using Kraken exchange.We have a number of fraud identification controls on the platform. We have a flag indicating

whoever registers more than a certain number of people. So anyone over a certain age will be flagged,” said Mr Ting.They weren't just flagged. But you also see certain transaction levels associated with those accounts that create particularly high-risk profiles.

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