The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Of Custom Watches From Factory Watches5

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The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is the minimum number of products a supplier is willing to sell for a given item. Watches5 provide a MOQ 200 pieces of each model for Watch Customisation, of course the colors may be different.

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Precisely, the MOQ is mainly based on the watch model but not the colors. The definition of model is that the design of the watch case is the same and with the same size. For example, a watch model has 5 different color combinations but the same case design and diameter size is 42mm, if you are going to order 200 pieces, the quantity can be 40 in each color combination. So MOQ is decided by the watch maker and what it costs us to create something. It could be that the MOQ is our break-even point. Which means we would lose money running our machines for amounts less than 200.

Why is there a MOQ? The main reason Watches5 requires MOQ is because we want to control costs and provide an affordable way to Build Your Own Watch brand.

To do that, we calculate all the expenses and come up with a number that can work for our clients. Sometimes we provide a minimum order quantity of 1 unit for high potential people to work with, and that does not mean that Watches5 is making money from the sale of their single unit, but they are willing to take some losses to seek a long-term business relationship. term with any potential client.

MOQ requirement is important to both customers and us. For customers, a lower MOQ means there is a lower barrier to entry and they don't need to spend a lot of money on inventory. It also means that customers can test the quality of watches and reduce the risk of ordering a large quantity of watches if we are wrong. watch maker. You can slow down and make sure the supplier is great to work with before committing to a large order.

For Custom Watch Manufacturer like Watches5, a MOQ is important because we can use it to filter out low-quality buyers and people who are not serious about starting their own watch business, so that we can save more time to serve other real customers better.

In order to get a clear idea of ??the MOQ of custom watches, we list the MOQ requirement of watch parts.

MOQ order: 200 pieces
Leather strap MOQ: 100-500 pieces per color
Dial MOQ: 300-1000 pieces
Watch case liner MOQ: 500-1000 pieces
Clock hands MOQ: 500-1000 pieces
Mesh belt MOQ: 100 pieces per color
Stainless steel link strap: 200 pieces
Watch box MOQ: 200 pieces
With these MOQ, you can make some better color combinations based on 300 watch MOQ.

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