Tips To Ship A Car Door To Door

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A car transportation company is the perfect solution for those looking into moving their vehicles across the country or short distances from home.

What Is a Car Transportation Company?
A car transportation company is the perfect solution for those looking into moving their vehicles across the country or short distances from home.

There’s nothing more annoying than trying desperately to drive a long distance in bad traffic, conditions or worse inner-city traffic.

With a door to door auto transport company, there never is unnecessary stress involved when relocating your vehicle. These companies offer fully equipped transportation solutions including experience drivers who are vetted for long distance hauls.

Why Should I Consider a Car Shipping service Company?
Worried about Damage to Your Car?

Shipping your car can be risky. But with the help of a car shipping service, you’ll never have to worry about the vehicles condition once it reaches your destination.

A professional shipping service will use a high-quality tools and equipment ensuring that all risks are eliminated in order to deliver your car safely while still being able to take care of other tasks at hand.

Missing Work Could Costs You Lost Income
The opportunity costs of taking time off work to transport your car can add up. That’s why it’s best not only if you find a trusted shipping company but also to make sure they will handle everything from the start of the process (loading your vehicle) all the way until the journey is completed (unloading your vehicle).

During this process, you won’t have any worries because their trained staff what needs to be done for every detail possible to provide you with a good customer experience and safe delivery of your vehicle.

Stress No More!
No one likes to commute. Imagine the stress of driving your car across the country, much less across the city!

When you hire a transport company, you’ll reduce the anxiety of driving long hours, time spent waiting around at stop lights, pumping gas at sketchy truck stops and wear and tear on your car. Not to mention your fuel savings by not making the drive yourself.

VITAL TIP 1. Save Your Insurance
Insurance coverage is a great way to protect yourself from any unknowns that may arise with shipping services.

Most transport companies will cover your car during the move. The company will inspect the vehicle before sending it out for delivery, making sure there are no damages prior to the journey.

If damages occur to your vehicle, you’ll want to make sure any insurance the transport company provides covers those damages. You’ll want to make sure you read any insurance agreements attached to the contract and fully understand what is and is not covered in the event an insurance event happens.


VITAL TIP 2. If I drive myself, what if…?
Shipping a car is never an easy task. Many things can go wrong, and it’s important to know what you’re doing.

Worse scenario, you have an accident with no one else around for miles.

Professional vehicle movers will help avoid potential pitfalls and horror stories during this process.

Turn-Key Cost vs. Unforeseen Costs
The costs of shipping your car are cheaper than you might think. It can save money on unforeseen expenses: fuel costs and repairs.

Let Them Drive While You Sip Your Latte
When you need a vehicle shipped, it’s essential to find the right company for your needs. A professional shipping service can take care of all aspects of the transport.

You’ll be free with more time for other tasks such as work and family obligations without the headache of driving long distances.

VITAL TIP 3: What do I NOT Know that I need to Know?
When you use a car transport company, there are a few things you should keep in mind to avoid any trouble:

Contracts…You don’t want surprises!

Read over the contract carefully. Make sure you comprehend everything before signing the contract. Also, ensure you understand the company’s policies and procedures. Once you’ve identified a company to work with, get everything in writing. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the agreement and don’t be afraid to ask questions if anything is unclear.

Can I leave personal items in my vehicle?
Be sure to take all your personal belongings out of the car before the transport company arrives. The transport company is not responsible for lost or damaged items, so its best to play it safe and remove them yourself. Keep in mind, if you leave personal items in your vehicle and it’s stolen during transport, typically the company will not be held responsible.

Do a personal check of your car
Check your vehicle to ensure everything is working correctly. If there are any issues, be sure to point them out to the company so they can be noted in the contract. Be honest with the car transport company about your car’s condition. If there’s any damage to your vehicle currently, make sure to point it out so both you and the company and document it.

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