Benefits of the Dark Web

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Darknet is a free Internet zone where you can openly express your opinions without fear of political reprisals. The networks support freedom of speech, so many resources are devoted to truthful political reviews.

In addition, information can be found on the dark web that, for political reasons, would be removed on most public sites.

The vastness of the network hosts materials that may be useful, but are copyrighted, and therefore inaccessible to the average user.

Dark web users are securely protected from identity disclosure, have a decentralized and anonymous payment method in cryptocurrency. The darknet meets all the needs of users, depending on their requests.

How to enter the Darknet?

Everything is pretty simple. You need to download the Tor browser from the official website. It is strongly not recommended to download Tor from other resources, because such a distribution may contain Trojans that can declassify your presence on the network. Next, you need to install a browser.

When you first log in, you must choose from two options: just connect or configure network settings.

If you want to use a browser to access a blocked site, such as, then select "connect".
If you need anonymity, then you need the "customize" option. Tor works in the same way as regular browsers, but in a more complex way, which negatively affects page loading speed. With it, you can visit both hidden and regular sites.

How the Tor Browser Works

The essence of the work is reflected in the logo - the onion. Just like it, the connection consists of layers - a chain of proxies. Information passes through 3 randomly selected network nodes. On the client side, before sending the packet, sequential encryption occurs for each of the nodes.

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