Can You Add/Load Money on a Cash App Card?

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If, by any chance, you are experiencing problems adding money to your Cash App card, then contact the Cash App Support Team right away by clicking here.

Regular users of Cash App are aware of all the benefits offered by this financial platform. it is possible to transfer money, receive money, add funds, and much more in just easy steps. 


On top of that, the Cash App debit card offers the possibility to use your Cash App Card balance in different scenarios, such as online shopping or buying things in stores that accept a Visa Debit Card.


In fact, some people use Cash App cards as a checking account due to the ease of using physical money for adding funds to Cash App debit Card. But, where do you load a Cash App card?


There are plenty of options to do so! Read further to learn more about:


Where can I Load my Cash App Card?;

Is adding money to your Cash App card easy?;

How does Cash App card work?


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Can You Add/Load Money on a Cash App Card?


Yes, you can! First of all, it’s important to mention that you need to adequately verify your Cash App account in order to receive a free Cash Card. Later on, you can easily load money to your Cash App account by three main methods:


Using a linked debit card or bank account linked to the user’s Cash App account; Receiving or requesting money from other Cash App users;

Cash load: directly deposit cash to your Cash Card account from a convenience store or another physical location.


Where Can I Load My Cash App Card?


For practical purposes, this guide is going to focus on how to load Cash App Card from physical locations. If you want to load your cash app using physical cash instead of bank accounts, then there are plenty of locations you can go to do so.


But, before proceeding, there are three fundamental things you need to know:-


You can always withdraw money from your Cash App wallet if you receive a direct deposit from someone else; Cash App charges a small fee for transferring money when you have a linked card or bank account, but there isn’t a fee if you directly use the Cash App money you have loaded; Loading cash in the following locations isn’t free, but you can be sure that these are secure transactions, so your money card is safe and sound.


Cash App Reload Locations:-


In order to reload cash in your Cash App account, you need to go to a place where they offer a loading money service.


Fortunately, many of the bigger convenience stores you know offer the possibility to load physical cash to your Cash App account.


Hence, we are going to mention to you seven of the most popular locations to do so. They will ask you for your account details and most likely charge you a $4 fee.


You can learn more about this at Walmart’s Money Center.


2. Walgreen Departmental Store

You can also add money to your Cash App Card from a Walgreen store.


Likewise, the cashier will ask you for your Cash App ID details before proceeding. Keep in mind that they might or might not charge you a small fee depending on if you are a Walgreen registered customer.


Learn more about this on Walgreen’s Official Website:-


3. 7-Eleven

Although 7-Eleven offers its financial wallet, you can also add cash from one of their branches.


The procedure is pretty straightforward, and once again, be prepared to pay a small fee.


4. Dollar General Store

Finding a Dollar Store near you shouldn’t be a problem at all.


Dollar General offers the possibility to add cash to your Cash App account using only your phone number, so the procedure will be pretty fast.


There’s an average fee of $3.95, so beware of this before going to Dollar General.


5. Rite Aid

This famous drugstore also allows you to add money to your Cash App card quickly.


Just go to Rite Aid, give your account’s details, pay the $4 fee, and the funds should appear in your account within just 10 minutes.


6. Target

You’ll surely find a Target store around the corner!


Just go there and add money with the cashier’s help. It shouldn’t take you more than ten minutes to do so.

7. Dollar Tree

Finally, Dollar Tree also offers the possibility to load your Cash App card.


The procedure is basically the same as other retail, so you shouldn’t have major problems achieving this.


Since Cash App Card is a Visa Card, it’s on Dollar Tree’s Reloadable Paid Card options.


8. CVS

CVS is another option on our list when you quickly need to reload your cash app card.


Those are the main locations where you add money to Cash App Card.


If, by any chance, you are experiencing problems adding money to your Cash App card, then contact the Cash App Support Team right away by clicking here.


Is There a Way to Load Cash App Balance Using an ATM?


No, you can’t add funds to Cash App using an ATM.

You can withdraw funds and check your balance, though. Learn more about this on Cash App’s official website.


Is There a Fixed Fee for Loading Money to my Cash App Card?

There isn’t a fixed fee for this - the stores are free to decide their fees.


Nonetheless, the standard fee is around $4, but just as we mentioned before, this fee might be lower if you register yourself as a regular customer.

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