How do I check my Sephora beauty pass?

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You can also make an unsolicited call to 1800 274 0110 (toll-free) from your mobile number that you have registered and the number will be sent an email with the balance of your account. In addition, you can visit this link to see your balance. You'll need to supply some basic inform

Sephora store credit doesn't come with an expiry date and can't be exchanged for cash (unless it is required by law) and cannot be transferred, reloaded, to other people or sold. It can only be used in Sephora stores (not on and not by Customer Service). Sephora store credit cannot be returned if stolen or lost.sephora gift card balance | google play redeem code | apple gift card balance | | vanilla gift card balance | | | amex gift card balance | | | lowe's gift card balance | best buy gift card balance | paypal login | amazon prime login | google play redeem code | google play redeem code | vanilla gift card balance | |

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