Canada Student Visa - How Long Does Student Visa Take In Canada?

Canada Student Visa - How Long Does Student Visa Take In Canada?

Canada Student Visa

A student visa is a type of visa that is intended for non-immigrants. It is referred to as a study permit in several nations, including Canada. Prospective students who want to finish their higher education overseas can apply for this visa. You may be able to use this visa to enroll in school within the nation at an approved institution. International students receive student visas. 

These are for those who desire to travel here to further their degree. Immigration rules differ from nation to nation. They vary in terms of the paperwork needed, the evidence of finances, etc. There are also more elements that apply to all student visas.

How Long Does Student Visa Take In Canada?

Before applying for a Canada Study Permit, you should have a good notion of how long it will take to acquire the final approval. This really makes your visa application process smoother and less stressful.

A Canadian Student Visa application typically takes 3-4 weeks to process. However, this is only a rough estimate. The COVID-19 epidemic has influenced the scheduling of Canadian student visas. Many visa applications were delayed as a result of travel restrictions. This was done to protect both Canadians' and foreign nationals' health.

If you apply from a high-risk country (such as Iran, China, or South Korea), you will have an extra 90 days to submit your supporting papers to the authorities. The Canadian Immigration Department provides study visa applicants with an estimated processing time. To monitor the progress of your visa application using a unique tracking ID, you must go to their official website.

You may also track the status of your application if you used the VFS services.

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