Grand Master Vantika Agarwal's Thriving Chess Journey

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Grand Master Vantika Agarwal's Thriving Chess Journey

Ranked 1st in India, 3rd in Asia and 17th in the world in FIDE rankings,  Grand Master Vantika Agrawal  last year became a gold medal winner in the Chess Olympiad in which India and Russia were the joint winners.

Woman International Chess Master at the age of 14, and gold medal winner at the age of 17, is a really astonishing thing to achieve at this young age, but this is how you will describe her incredible chess journey. From her very fast rise in the ratings to her consistent hard work as well as dedication, she is definitely on the fast road to being a great chess player.

This young girl has achieved a lot in this short time as her achievements are speaking for themselves and also she has been even awarded by Hon'ble Former President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee as well as Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji. Her crowning glory was the part of the Indian team for winning Olympiad gold for the first time ever.

Grand Master Vantika Agrawal's Successful Journey of Chess

Her journey of chess starts at a very early age as she won the gold medal in U-9 girls, Asian Schools Chess, 2011, Delhi. From there she has been winning one competition after the other.

Participating in Olympiad, Vantika was lucky to get a place on the Indian team. Her strategy of her proceeding into the competition was to just give her greatest performance and contribute as much as she could to the team. She did that pretty well by getting 3.5/4 in the league stage, where India ended first, taking down a robust Chinese squad.

As the Indian squad started into the playoffs, Vantika remained calm as well as confident. And when there was a tie in the end, all the players were happy and for Vantika it was really a dream come true. Even though it was online, but it was her first Olympiad from her. She even says that playing with her team has made her even more motivated.

Training by Sparkling Chess Academy

Looking back at her performance, Vantika has explained her hours of preparation as well as planning in order to be in top shape. She has received her training from Sparkling Chess Academy for the last 7 years. Manish Uniyal was her coach who has trained her to be a successful chess player.

The Sparkling Chess Academy 's dedication led Vantika Agrawal to be an international chess player as she started winning from age category state nationals to the commonwealth, and Asian and to then world medals. Under the supervision of Sparkling Chess Academy, she became Women International Master (WIM) at the age of 14.

Receiving coaching classes by  Sparkling Chess Academy, she would work on her skills by practicing with her teammates. When there was selection going on for the Indian team for Olympiad, then there were only 4 men players as well as four women players. The squad also had 2 juniors a boy as well as a girl. Then Vantika got selected as a girl junior because she was recognized as the third-highest rated junior in India.

We at Sparkling Chess Academy are also sure that her journey to achieving a  Grandmaster  title is clearer.

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