Advantages And Disadvantages Of Health Care

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Health Care

In this world, every person wants to know that whether health care is important or helpful or not? According to recent survey that health care is not considered to be beneficial in the long run. Initially, people are very conscious about their health care but with the passage of time they tend to ignore this factor. Only few people knows that how to apply proper health care plan. There are many advantages and disadvantages of health care. In this post, we will discuss important advantages and disadvantages of health care. Firstly, we will discuss the main and important advantages.

  • The most important advantage of health care is the monetary. With the proper health care, person can save his time and money in a perfect way. Now the question is that how this is possible? Well the simple answer is that if person maintain his proper health care then there is no need for the person to visit or consult to the doctor again and again. In this way, he can save his time and doctor fee.
  • The second important and main advantage of health care is that person realizes the importance and value of health. By maintaining the perfect health care plan, person comes to know that what important items are necessary for the health care.

Now we would like to mention just few disadvantages of health care. The important health care disadvantages are as follows:

  • The most important disadvantage of health care is that by applying the health care plan person ignore the importance of doctors and physicians. He thinks that his health care plan is perfect and ideal and he doesn’t need any doctor assistance.
  • The second disadvantage of health care is that for saving the money person ignore to visit to the doctor until the problem gets out of control. Person don’t know that doctor recommend certain medications for his condition like allergies, bacterial infections etc.

So these are important and main advantages of health care. It is simply incredible that every person should apply certain health care plan but he should not ignore the importance of doctor.


Black cohosh extract: 6 benefits

Black cohosh extract, also known as rattlesnake root, black snake root grass, is the rhizome extract of Cimicifuga Romose L., which is brownish black powder, with antibacterial, antihypertensive, inhibiting myocardium, slowing heart rate, sedative effect, attending arthritis , osteoporosis and other symptoms. The herb has been widely used in Europe for more than 40 years and in Germany it is approved for premenstrual discomfort, dysmenorrhea and menopausal syndrome. It also known as racemic cohosh, its main active ingredient is terpene glycoside. It produces estrogen-like effects that regulate endocrine balance, which helps relieve menopausal symptoms such as insomnia, hot flashes, back pain, and emotional out of control. Its medical benefts including:

  1. Anti-depressant effect: Estrogen-like substances can bind estrogen receptors in animal models, and can significantly reduce luteinizing hormone LH in humans and animals. It can improve postpartum depression in women and relieve premenopausal and Symptoms of menopausal syndrome.

  2. Anti-bacterial effect: It has inhibitory effect on Gram positive and negative bacteria.

  3. Anti-cancer effect: It can significantly inhibit the proliferation of rat breast cancer cells and prevent thymic and prostate cancer.

  4. Anti-inflammatory effect: It has anti-inflammatory effects on arthritis and rheumatism, especially arthritis caused by menopause, because it contains salicylic acid with mild analgesic effect.

  5. The role of the circulatory system: It has antihypertensive, anti-myocardial, and slow heart rate, and can treat high blood pressure, tinnitus and dizziness.

  6. Other anti-spasmodic effects: Good for asthma patients and chronic cough such as whooping cough; also hypoglycemic effect

By the way, black cohosh is taken in a variety of ways, including natural dried roots or dried rhizomes (300-2000 mg per day), or solid dry powder extracts (3 times a day, 250 mg each). In addition, standardized herbal extracts are available on the market. The recommended dose is 2 times a day, 20~40 mg each time. Tinctures can be taken 3 times a day, 2 to 4 ml each time. It should be noted that the active ingredients in black cohosh need some bacteria in the intestines to be absorbed by the body, so try to avoid eating with antibiotics. In addition, black cohosh can not be equated with hormone therapy.


Benefits of Valerian Root Extract

For patients with stress or sleep disturbances, herbal remedies are a common place to turn to for relief. Cue valerian root extract, which is a centuries-old herbal remedy. The extract comes from a perennial plant called Valeriana officinalis or valerian. Native to North America, Europe and Asia, this plant is a common herb with sedative and hypnotic properties. Medical researchers believe that the volatile oil in valerian root is responsible for these effects, which interact with neurotransmitters like GABA and amino acids like tyrosine, arginine and glutamine .Valerian is also a common dietary supplement and its roots and stems are formed into extracts for capsules or teas. As an herbal medicine, most people use it to help remedy insomnia or anxiety .

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