Breast Size Reduction Surgery In Gurgaon

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Breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty in Gurgaon performed in SB Aesthetics reduces and improves the size of the overly large breasts. Women with hanging and loose breasts are ideal candidates for this treatment.

The surgery also relief from concerns like back pain, neck pain, and trouble breathing caused due to sagging, enlarged heavy breasts. The surgery reduces enlarged breast size and improves physical and emotional problems caused due to very large breasts. Breast reduction surgery makes physical activities easier, and patients also feel happy with their new appearance. This surgery also gives them the ability to wear clothing of their choice. The surgery is performed under anesthesia, and excess fat and tissues are removed during the procedure. For the reduction of very large breasts, the nipple and area are also surgically removed and reapplied as the graft to deliver best and natural looking results. To undergo breast size reduction surgery in Gurgaon, visit SB Aesthetics.

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