The city of sunlight

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The North Slope Base Camp of Mount Everest in Tibet (hereinafter referred to as the Mount Everest Base Camp) is the most convenient location in the world to watch the world's highest peak, Mount Everest. The valley here is wide and the field of view is wide, and Mount Everest is not

Tibet is a magical place with countless beautiful legends and beautiful scenery, and it is also a fascinating place. You may have been longing for Tibet for a long time, and now you are finally embarking on a journey. When you travel to Tibet; you must be full of joy and have many questions. There is a huge difference between Hong Kong and Tibet, and there is not much experience when entering Tibet for the first time, so there are too many things to pay attention to.

Required Documents for Tibet visum application

(1)、Colorful copy of passport

(2)、Colorful copy of China visa

(3)、Colorful copy of working permit/working card/student car/invitation letter

(4)、The letter to prove that you are in China mainland already for at least 28 days-Can be provided either by your local based company or local residential committee

(5)、The first Nucleic Acid Test when we apply for Tibet permits

(6)、The second Nucleic Acid Test within 7 days before entering Tibet

(7)、Health green code from local city, if you have COVID-19 vaccines prove, that's better

(8)、Travel Data card

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