Hipec surgery specialist doctor in Delhi. Only one in City.

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Dr. Sanjeev is the best surgical oncologist Cancer Doctor in New Delhi NCR specialist in oncological surgery,Robotic surgery,Hipec specialist ,Abdominal and Pelvic cancer expert

Hipec surgery specialist doctor in Delhi is not easy to find because Hipec is a very critical and hard surgery it is used to cure cancer not completely but after that chemo is also done. 

And if you want to get that surgery then you have to go to other places but there is a doctor in Delhi who will help you in this situation and his name is Dr. Sanjeev. He is one of the few hipec surgery specialist doctor in Delhi. Cancer is one of the few diseases which still needs a final cure because no one is 100% that a person can fully recover after treatment. So if you need Hipec surgery then Dr, Sanjeev is the best and the only option for you. 


Dr. Sanjeev’s specialties are: - 

  • Consultant
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Robotic Surgeon
  • HIPEC Specialist
  • Abdominal Pelvic Cancer Expert
  • Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Center



hipec surgery specialist doctor in Delhi: Dr. Sanjeev Kumar 


Offering support in the field of malignant growth for over 12 years and has treated more than a large number of patients. On the off chance that there is no board, he has endeavored to have the option to perform solo tasks and he did it in some high-volume malignant growth habitats across India, which as of now makes him the best disease expert specialist in India. He has practical experience in gastrointestinal oncology, colorectal disease, pelvic malignant growth, mechanical medical procedure, progressed laparoscopic medical procedure, and HIPE/PIPAC systems, you can assess somebody's abilities by assessing their strategies and their patient's reactions to their therapy.


Conclusion: -


His positive attitude even after working on the cancer cases is marvelous so you should not wait and give him a call now because Hipec might get you results. Dr. Sanjeev is the best hipec surgery specialist doctor in Delhi. He is always ready to help people in terms of care and he values his patients, if you got someone like him then you should go to him for the surgery because surgeries need the patient’s trust more than anything. Even consult him about what harm will it do to take a second opinion. 

Contact him at:

Phone Number: + 91 9869122384

Address: Palam Vihar Sector 6 Dwarka, New Delhi, 110075

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