Online Gifting to Pakistan

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What’s up, I’m assisting GiftKarte. I’m a social media manager living in Pakistan. I am a fan of technology, shopping, and fashion. You can view gift card in pakistan portfolio with a click on the button above.

What is the price of sending a package from the UK to Pakistan? When you make a reservation through DPDLocal-Online, shipping to Pakistan can be had for as little as £16.00. Even better, getting express delivery just costs £1.21 more! Nobody works harder to secure the best prices for overseas shipping than we do. makes it simple Online Gifting to Pakistan, secure, and quick to send the best presents from India to Pakistan for any occasion. can handle domestic presents in India if you want to mail them.


Therefore, foods like cheese and fruit are off-limits. Cakes and chocolates are also difficult to ship because they may melt in hot temperatures or in Pakistani shipping facilities that are not always air-conditioned.

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