The Pros and Cons of Using Hair Extensions and Toppers for Thinning Hair

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Women with thinning hair may consider non-surgical hair Dallas solutions such as hair extensions and toppers.

Women with thinning hair may consider non-surgical hair Dallas solutions such as hair extensions and toppers. Hair extensions are easy to use throughout the hair and not just for one area. They add volume to the hair when clipped, taped, or sewn in. Toppers are another option that includes top pieces that blend with your natural hair when placed on your head. While these options help women get results, it’s challenging to know which one your hair can benefit from the most. Reviewing the pros and cons of each may determine which is best for you.

Clip-In Extensions Pros and Cons

Clip-in extensions clip in place under a layer of hair. They are a standard non surgical hair dallas solution and are easy to use and install. They are an affordable, accessible option when exploring how to add length and volume to create different looks. A stylist can customize them to match your hair type and complete your desired look. If clip-on extensions are not good quality, they can shift a bit during the day. Your hair can’t be too thin or they will create bulkiness, which can increase visibility of the clip-in track. It is not recommended to sleep with clip-ins at the risk of damaging your hair.

Sew-In Extensions Pros and Cons

Sew-ins can last for a few months. You can use oil-based products on them and sleep with them. As a popular non-surgical hair treatment Dallas option, they encourage your natural hair to grow. Your natural hair is in cornrows and gets a rest from styling manipulation for a few weeks. You can start with a long sew-in and get a haircut to create another look. Human hair is used with high-quality sew-ins. It can take a few hours to install them. While it can be expensive, some prefer to invest in a stylist for installation. They can be challenging to wash, especially at the roots, if build-up is a concern. You need a certain amount of natural hair for this option if you have thinning hair to get a natural look.

Tape-In Extensions Pros and Cons

Tape-in extensions use double-sided tape panels of hair applied to your natural hair. While the tape is sticky, it is gentle on your natural hair. As a typical non surgical hair treatment dallas salons offer, they do not pull or rip natural hair. As your hair grows, the extensions can be reused with new tape. Style your hair with updos like ponytails and ballerina buns. The tape helps the extension stay in place, but it can be tricky to install without a stylist. Your hair can look lopsided if they are not installed correctly. They can be expensive, but the cost includes installation and removal. They can last for a month on average before they need reattaching. Avoid using oil-based styling products to prevent them from loosening.

Topper Pros and Cons

You can get a natural look that blends with your hair color and texture. Toppers are great options if you have thinning hair in spots or all over due to alopecia. Toppers help you stay cooler than wigs in warm weather. Create updos such as ponytails and buns. Sometimes matching your hair color is challenging, along with creating certain hairstyles. Some may not have enough natural hair for the topper to latch on.

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