sesame street muppet characters

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Sesame Street characters from the show and the larger Sesame universe, including books, films and specials.

A few decades ago, kids did not have the same easy availability of their favorite television and cartoon shows as they do now. In those days, children eagerly awaited Saturday morning to sit in front of the TV and enjoy their favorite show. Now of course that's not necessary since cable networks are abundant with continual cartoons and programs intended for children. That being said, it's no wonder that the party supply industry has taken the characters and made them into fabulous party decorations.

An extra fun theme party will include not only character decorations but fun games as well. Most people have played sesame street muppet characters at one time or another during their childhood, but how about taking the basic idea and working it into the theme of your party? Some creative parents have made their own game using a poster board that was made into the character of choice. 'Pin the Nose on Elmo' or 'Pin the Tail on Tails' are simple and fun ideas if the theme is Elmo or Sonic the Hedgehog for example.

Some very popular ideas for birthday party fun is to rent one of those cool bouncy houses from a local rental store. If the party is being held outside, then a bouncy house will provide lots of entertainment. These days there are even theme bouncy rentals available such as Disney or Nickelodeon characters. Large groups of kids can have fun together with these rentals, and some even include pools and water fun elements. Be sure to rent way in advance to secure your party date.

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