The Best Powder Coating NJ Services

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Rusty lions new jersey Powder Coating Enhance metal surfaces with decorative and protective powder coating.

Our powder coating NJ services at Rusty Lions are set up for maximum versatility. We have a highly efficient and trained staff who have proven expertise in coating everything from small parts to large industrial components.

Powder coating is a popular substitute for paint jobs with the benefit of being durable and corrosion resistant. With our powder coating experts at your service, you can achieve the desired aesthetic on any surface. Our powder coating NJ services are available for a wide range of colors and textures.

Rusty Lions offers superior finishing services in the Jersey area. Our highly advanced electrostatic coating services are meant for industrial and architectural clients in the state. Powder coating services at Rusty Lions include:

● Nylon Coating
● Vinyl Coating
● Insulation
● Custom Coating
● Cerakote Coating
● Architectural Coating

All our powder coating solutions are completely environment-friendly and capable of finishing aluminum, steel, glass, and other materials for industrial and domestic applications.

Our Powder Coating Process

A properly cleaned substrate is required to achieve the desired finish, which scores both on durability and adhesion. This is why we thoroughly clean the surface.

A curing process follows the coating process in a tightly controlled oven. Regardless of the surface, we deliver a smooth and durable finish that enhances the aesthetic value and life of the surface. For more info, contact our powder coating NJ services directly.

Call us at 347-613-8103 or send an email at and discuss your project with us today. We complete every powder coating job like a pro, large or small, residential or industrial.

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