No Limit Hold"em: how and where to play?

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Let's talk about the most popular game of chance. Where to play it best and how to play it.

Card games appeared in the Middle Ages: the first mention dates back to the 12th century. Over 900 years, a host of games have appeared: bridge, preference, blackjack, and baccarat. But by now, poker - and primarily no-limit hold" em - has become the most popular game.

What is No Limit Hold" em?

It is a type of poker where each player is dealt two-hole cards. Also on the board appear five common ones, which the hand participants use to make a winning combination. The game was invented in Texas, so its full name looks like No Limit Texas Hold"em.

Since the late 20th century, Hold"em became the #1 game in Las Vegas casinos and later reigned in the rest of the world. Most online live series and tournaments are played by Texas Hold" em no-limit rules. It"s the same at the offline and online cash tables. The main tournament of the year - WSOP Main Event - is also devoted to no-limit Holdem.

The secret of this poker"s success is the combination of simple rules and a variety of nuances of strategy. Learning the rules of NL Holdem takes five minutes, but learning how to play it well is a lifelong task. Even the most skilled poker players constantly discover new solutions, tricks, and approaches.

Poker combinations

Familiarity with poker combinations is the first step on a beginner"s path to understanding poker. There"s no point in learning new concepts if you"re not familiar with the seniority of the hands. Here"s what the hierarchy of combinations looks like in NL Holdem:

Senior Card. Contrary to the popular notion of poker, where the final hand of a tournament collides with cash and a flush royal, it is very often possible to win at the expense of the high card. These situations arise when neither opponent has a pair in the showdown. The bank goes to the player with the higher face value - that"s why any hands with an ace are highly valued in hold"em.

Pair. If one of your pocket cards has a match on the board, it"s called a "Pair. It is a pocket pair if you are dealt two of the same face value. Overpair is a pocket pair with a higher face value than any on the board. A top team is a match with the strongest overall card.

Two Pairs. Both of your hand"s components have been matched on the board - that"s two pairs. Sometimes there are situations where you have one match, but there are two identical denominations on the table. This is also called "two pairs, " although the value of such a combination is significantly lower. In the language of poker, two pairs are often referred to as a "doper."

Set. Your pocket pair is matched by another of the same denomination on the board, so you" ve made a set. Inexperienced poker players often confuse a group with a trip. In the latter case, one of the cards of your unpaired hand is added to two reps on the total table at once. Trips are worse disguised than sets, and they don"t pay out very well. The odds of losing a better triple or full house are also high.

Straight. One of the most recognizable combinations is five consecutive denominations of different suits. A classic example: is pocket J10 and flop KQ9.

Flush. Five values of the same suit. Because of the potential to assemble a flush, a separate category appeared in poker charts - "one-suit aces." Ace + any card of the same suit is called an Ace.

Full House. Combines the properties of a set and a pair—for example, 88 on the 84432 board.

The care. Four of the same denominations make a square. A classic example of a court is two pocket aces on the board.

Straight Flush. Five one-suit cards to make a straight flush.

A Flush Royal. The strongest NL Holdem hand. A straight flush including 10, J, Q, K, A.

Where to play No Limit Hold"em?

Unlike Stud, Draw, or Chinese Poker, it"s easy to find a place to play No Limit Hold" em - it"s played everywhere. You can find separate poker rooms, where the game is played only with professionals trying to make a living out of it. Or you can visit any casino where you are guaranteed to find a match of the most popular and famous type of poker. This can be a live offline casino, or you can easily sign up for the most popular online casinos like Goodwin Casino and TotoGaming. You can play slot machines, roulette, and poker with live other players at these online casinos.

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