Midnight Paranormal Manual

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But Old Sha laughed and said,industrial racking systems, "Didn't you recommend me to come to this Taibai Mountain to arrange the affairs of Shaanxi and Gansu?"? "If I don't have money, I won't be able to find my old people in the Qinghai area in the futu

"No, no, someone will come to pick me up." The girl whispered. Only then did Shen Fengxi notice that although the girl looked quite comely, her face was so pale that she could hardly see a trace of blood, just like a porcelain doll. He knew a little about physiognomy and couldn't help looking at her twice more: her nose was small and pointed, her lips were flat and thin, and there was a mole on her upper right. As soon as Shen Fengxi's heart moved, the nose was the ancestor of the facial features, but it was picked up by the lip line to occupy Fogg, and there was a mole on the right, which was not a good face. Shen Fengxi hesitated for a moment and was about to ask her eight characters when suddenly a fat man with a big belly and several followers came out of the school gate. As soon as the fat man saw the girl, he greeted her with a big smile and shouted, "Oh, Xiaogu, you have arrived. Why didn't you inform me?" "Sorry, Director Wu, I just got off the bus, too." "Just call me uncle. Why are you so polite to me?" Director Wu glanced at his luggage. "He, there are a lot of things. Come on, I'll take them for you. The dormitory has been arranged for you." Without looking at Shen Fengxi,metal racking systems, who was standing aside, he asked several attendants to carry their luggage and urged Xiaogu to walk towards the campus. "Xiaogu took a look at Fengxi, bowed slightly, and followed Director Wu." All right, it's better to do less than more. She can ask for more luck. Shen Fengxi shrugged his shoulders, picked up his bag and walked towards the school gate. At the moment of turning around, he was surprised to find that the way the girl walked was very strange. Her legs were stiff and not bent, and the soles of her feet touched the ground lightly. It seemed that she had no strength at all. Shen Fengxi was shocked,Automated warehouse systems, as far as he knew, this is not the way a living person walks, only one thing walks in this way. When he stared at it, he found that the girl's walking had returned to normal, just like any high school girl. Is it my delusion? Shen Fengxi rubbed his eyes, thinking that he probably got lost too much, which led to visual hallucinations, so he stopped thinking about it and decided to go to the canteen to buy a map and carry it with him. Although according to past experience, buying ten tickets in time will not help. Bypassing the fountain and turning the library, there is a hill covered with green trees on the left, and the air is clear. Then there was a sound of footsteps in front of him. Shen Fengxi looked up and found three guys who looked like students coming towards him. The age of the three men is not much different from that of Shen Fengxi. A short, bespectacled man in the middle walked cautiously with a geomantic compass in his hands, while two men beside him, one fat and one thin, automated warehouse systems ,industrial racking systems, each holding an old book and muttering, looked around from time to time. The compass is moving. Oh, it's heading northeast. Cried the glasses suddenly. The northeast belongs to the earth. The fat man on the right quickly turned over the book. Wrong pull, wrong pull, the southwest is the soil! The thin man on the left immediately retorted. "What is it?" Cried the dwarf impatiently? Why is it written differently in the book? Shen Fengxi listened, and the corners of his mouth turned up slightly. These do not know the so-called layman, even the most basic between the five elements are not clear, to learn other people's geomancy? Moreover, this is clearly three students, high school students to see Feng Shui, this is the so-called normal high school? Without knowing what Shen Fengxi was thinking, the three of them put their heads together and stood in the aisle with two old books turning over and over, muttering in their mouths. The thin man simply took out an exercise book and began to calculate on the ground. Excuse me, please step aside. Shen Fengxi suppressed his disdain and shouted as politely as he could. The dwarf glanced up at him, stepped away, and made way for him to pass just enough for one person to pass. Just as Shen Fengxi was about to step over, the thin man patted his thigh and shouted, "Isn't the earth in the middle of the five elements?"? It should be in the middle! Shen Fengxi actually didn't want to mind his own business, but when he saw the ignorant guy making ignorant remarks, he finally couldn't help turning around and saying, "The east earth belongs to Gen, and the southwest earth belongs to Kun. One is the eight white earth, and the other is the two black earth. Would you please go to learn the nine stars of Luoshu first?" Shen Fengxi's words startled the three men, who did not expect the gigolo to know this and looked up at the same time. This classmate, do you also know geomancy? Asked the glasses. Shen Fengxi curled his lips and said, "Don't use words. I'm different from you.". ” Glasses a put his sleeve: "This, this with … …" No, this master.. You have to help us! "Sorry, I'm not a master, and I'm not used to stupid people touching me." Shen Fengxi said coldly, pulling back his sleeve at the same time, "I'm not interested in your game." This is not a game! This concerns the safety of our school! Glasses clenched his fists and shouted excitedly. Shen Fengxi grabbed him by the collar and said, "Look at my mouth carefully. It's none of my business." "But if it goes on like this, it will be haunted this Saturday." "There's a lot to worry about. There's an exam next week!" Shen Fengxi lost this sentence and went straight away. He doesn't like to meddle in other people's affairs, especially when it is not good for him to meddle in other people's affairs. There are often ignorant little devils who, bewitched by comics or street literature, self-righteously survey geomancy or write charms and recite incantations. Shen Fengxi's comment on this is only one sentence: "There is no lower limit to human intelligence." Compared with the occasional ghost, the ubiquitous fool can really make people worried, Shen Fengxi often thought. After getting rid of the three of them, Shen Fengxi quickly bypassed the hill and several buildings to the playground. This is a standard four hundred oval playground, the lawn is very lush, looks like a soft green blanket. Shen Feng put up an arbor and looked around and saw only one class of students on the playground. A short-haired PE teacher stood akimbo and shouted to the students, "How is the sunshine today?" "Good.." The students said feebly that when the PE teacher asked this question, nine times out of ten, he had arranged a large amount of exercise, so there was no need to give too enthusiastic response. Then all disperse. The students stretched out their arms lazily and spread out. It was time to warm up. But to their surprise,teardrop pallet racking, the next PE teacher waved his arms and said loudly, "All lie down and stretch out your limbs. In such a good sunshine, you should sleep happily on the grass." 。 kingmoreracking.com

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