White Gate Willow 3 (Cock Crowing Wind and Rain)

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But Old Sha laughed and said,industrial racking systems, "Didn't you recommend me to come to this Taibai Mountain to arrange the affairs of Shaanxi and Gansu?"? "If I don't have money, I won't be able to find my old people in the Qinghai area in the futu

"This.." "What if he doesn't know how to be grateful and wants to defy orders?"? Naturally, all of them were arrested and killed with a knife. Only in this way, this side of the people, must therefore suspect me, fear me, hate me, eventually difficult to pacify the effect of Anji! "Your Excellency is absolutely right!"! Therefore, this official in charge must be well versed in the feelings of the people here, have extensive contacts among the gentry, and be able to bow his head and lower his heart, have the determination not to be surprised by spoils and humiliations, be able to endure anger, and be scolded, so that he can speak successfully! Huang Shu's answers, to be honest, are somewhat insincere. Because up to this moment, he secretly still firmly believed that the best way to govern Huizhou was to use a large number of troops and severe punishment. But since the last time he proposed to Hong Chengchou, it was not adopted, now he did not dare to mention it again. Yes, as long as I can get the black gauze of the prefect of Huizhou, I'll pick out what he likes to hear and tell him! He wanted to. Sure enough, a smile appeared on Hong Chengchou's face. Well, good, very good! After expressing his approval in this way, he stood up and took two steps forward thoughtfully. Then he turned around and stared at his subordinates again. "When you came in, sir, you must have seen those people outside the yuanmen Gate."? Yes, they are Jin Sheng,pallet rack shelving, Wu Yingji and Jiang Tianyi. These three people led the rebellion, gathered in the mountains and forests, and resisted my teacher, which was a crime that could not be punished. The governor of the imperial court thought that he was a squire and an old Confucian scholar, but because he was ignorant of the changes in the world and was blindly loyal, he led people astray. He was not the same kind as the big bandits and thieves. As long as he was willing to wash his heart and submit, he might as well let him live. Therefore, when he was brought up for trial in the past two days, he was also told repeatedly to urge him to turn over a new leaf. However, these people are very narrow-minded and unrepentant in their human nature, and they speak wildly and disobediently, and humiliate the governor. So he decided to push it out of yuanmen and execute it on the spot! At this point, Hong Chengchou paused for a moment and found that Huang Shu was just listening in a daze and had no special reaction, so he went on to say: "However, the governor turned to think about it. The death of these three people is not enough to sympathize with. It's just that he rebelled this time. There are many ignorant people who follow him. Although he has failed and been captured, metal racking systems ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, there are many people who secretly pity him.". Hurry to kill, but not conducive to clean up the hearts of the people. In order to pacify the south of the Yangtze River as soon as possible, it is always the best policy to say that it will fall. Since Mr. Yinsi is an old friend of him, he must be well aware of his temperament and mind. If he can come forward to persuade him, move him with emotion and reason, or make him submit, it is unknown. I wonder what you think, sir? At first, when Huang Shu heard that he was going to execute Jin Sheng and the other three people on the spot, he was shocked, but after all, he had estimated in advance that there would inevitably be such a scene, so he was not particularly surprised. As soon as Hong Chengchou changed the subject, he asked him to come forward to persuade him to surrender, which surprised Huang Shu and almost stood up from his seat. Finally, he was alert by nature, and hurriedly restrained his mind and sat down again. The student also knew that the teacher was quite embarrassed, "only to hear Hong Chengchou say again," so he didn't dare to bother each other. It was only after listening to the teacher's words just now that the students were very moved. They thought that with the teacher's determination not to be surprised, his sincerity to endure anger and to be scolded, they might be able to persuade him to surrender. Huang Shu blinked his eyes. It was then that he understood why his boss had been in such a hurry to find him, and why he had rambled on at the beginning. And his insincere answer became the basis for the other party's decision to persuade him to surrender, which especially made him laugh and cry. To be honest, Huang Shu has known very well that he and his former friend have become sworn enemies since he acted as an insider. Surrender by their own, not only absolutely will not succeed, but also is bound to attract a let oneself flummoxed scolding. He really did not understand, Hong Chengchou out of what idea, must do everything possible to persuade Jinsheng and others to surrender. In this kind of thing, those who are willing to surrender will stay, and those who refuse to surrender will be killed. This has always been the case, so why should they be entangled and ask for trouble? However, Huang Shu also knows that since the boss has expressed such an idea, as a subordinate, it is obviously not feasible and unwise to refuse rashly. But Huang Shu was silent, but Hong Chengchou, who had already sat back in his chair, was a little impatient. As a matter of fact, when he came to Jiangnan to take office in early August, he laid down a rule that all rebel leaders captured in battle must report to the headquarters in Nanjing for instructions, and that the armies should not dispose of them without authorization. This is not only based on the considerations he said to Huang Shu just now, but also because secretly he always felt that, as an experienced person with the same background, it was not a pleasant and glorious thing to kill his former colleagues in turn. What's more, the golden voice in front of him also has the friendship of "the same year". On the contrary, if they can wake up and abandon the old for the new, then they can certainly save their lives,warehouse storage racks, and they can also have a good reputation for caring about their old love. But it happened that Jin Sheng and the other three were all stubborn, and their sharp words were like knives, which was unbearable. kingmoreracking.com

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