Cross the battle to be a favorite concubine

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You are really full of nonsense, when the little Lord let you go to hit Liu Shunyi, you are a second-class little maid in Jinhua Palace, the number of times to enter Jinhua Palace is very few, the little Lord saw you, even your name can not remember, will order you to do such an important

Xiao Wanci in the following, heard the words of the queen mother Xie, but also Leng for a long time of God, only to react to her people hit Liu Shunyi miscarriage! She really did not expect to go to the Fengyi Palace this time, unexpectedly also involved the heir. Since she was pregnant, she has been staying in Jinhua Palace honestly, never making trouble, this is really a disaster from heaven! Xiao Wanci kowtowed heavily to the Empress Dowager Xie and said, "The concubine was wronged. The concubine never ordered anyone to bump into Liu Shunyi. Someone must have framed the concubine. Please ask the Empress Dowager to be wise." Empress Dowager Xie shouted to the little eunuch who was beating the board, "Pull the man over and let Xi Pin see if he is a maid in Xi Pin's palace." The little eunuch who hit the board immediately stopped, pulling the red beads lying on the stool left and right, like a rag, and throwing the red beads in front of Xiao Wanci. The place where Xiao Wan's words came into her eyes was a little maid with a dirty face and messy hair, who could not even be identified, and the clothes on the buttocks where the little maid had been beaten by the board were still covered with red blood, which was really horrible! "Are you really the maid of the Jinhua Palace?" She asked uncertainly. The crowd is absolutely down! Xi Pin is also too able to pretend, even the people in their own palace do not know, who believes this! They don't believe it anyway! Hongzhu lay on the ground and moved her lips, which were covered with blood. "The little master doesn't know the maidservant. The maidservant is a second-class maid in the Jinhua Palace. Hongzhu,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, the little master saves the maidservant!" Xiao Wanci did not think that this person was really in her palace. Although this little maid of honor, she has not seen a few times, but she Jinhua Palace to serve the palace people, there is indeed a name of Hongzhu, do menial work of the little maid of honor. Now the red bead unexpectedly has pregnant Liu Shunyi to hit the miscarriage, but she is also pregnant now, waits for her to burst out oneself also to be pregnant, this matter she is all over the mouth also said not clearly! How unlucky she is! "Empress Dowager,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, this maid is indeed a member of the Jinhua Palace, but she is only a second-class maid. The concubine has not seen her several times. She said that the concubine ordered her to hit Liu Shunyi with a miscarriage. How can this be possible?"? And ask the Empress Dowager to check it out! "It's good to be your man. Pull this cheap maidservant back and continue to fight to see if she will fight or not!" Xie queen mother said angrily. She will not believe what unintentional, what coincidence, in the palace all the unintentional, all the coincidence, it is man-made. Xi Pin may really be wronged, but this little maid of honor is not necessarily! Xiao Wanci scolded in her heart: "The old lady was really cheating her just now!"! As Hongzhu was pressed back to the place where she had just hit the board, there continued to be the sound of hitting the board, and Hongzhu's muffled hum of pain, the field quieted down in an instant. Is the Empress Dowager not afraid of confessing under torture? Xiao Wanci couldn't help opening her mouth. What she feared most was that Hongzhu would be beaten and finally climb at random, after all, Hongzhu was her palace person, the first to climb, 304 stainless steel wire ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, and the easiest to climb should be her! "Why is Xi Pin afraid?" Queen Xia who spoke. Afraid? What are the concubines afraid of? It's not the concubines who ordered them to do it. What are they afraid of? Empress Xia laughed and said, "I hope Concubine Xi will be so tough after a while." Speaking kung fu, red bead there is more than a dozen boards down, can not endure the board of red bead, finally said willing to recruit the mastermind, Xie queen mother just ordered people to carry her, still to the front of the people. Xiao Wanci's heart was instantly raised to her throat, and the coldness on the bluestone slab came faintly to her through her cotton-padded clothes and knees. Her mind was turning very fast now, and if something was really wrong, should she say that she had been pregnant for two months to protect herself, or should she run away to the main hall to find the protection of the emperor. The author has something to say: act like a spoiled child and roll over for collection! Thank you, Lei Lei of Sibusi! Mada! Interrogation (2) After Hongzhu was thrown to the ground, she struggled to support her upper body with her arms, so that she could kneel and face the crowd. She turned and looked at her master with a bitter look. Xiao Wanci was her eyes, see the heart straight hair, if not now the occasion is not right, she would immediately jump up, shouted: "You can not look at me with this kind of eyes?"? I didn't order you to bump into Liu Shunyi's miscarriage! Unexpectedly, Hongzhu's tears then fell down, along the dirty cheeks, leaving a white tear stain. She cried, "Little Lord, didn't you say that you just wanted the maidservant to knock down Liu Shunyi and teach her a lesson? But why didn't you tell the maidservant that Liu Shunyi was pregnant? If you had told the maidslave earlier, she would not have done what you said.". The maidservant is stupid by nature. She is not as important as sister Qiuguo and sister Yanxiu in front of you. But the maidservant wants to live. Little Lord, you can't pit the maidservant like this! Hongzhu's complaint, choked with emotion, every word is brilliant, the listener is really sad, the hearer is crying! People who don't know the truth of the matter really think that Xiao Wanci ordered her to do so! Concubine Kang bowed her head and gently wiped her lips with silk to cover the strange radian of her mouth behind the two of them. Hearing Hongzhu's accusation, Xiao Wanci was suddenly confused! What do you mean you can't cheat her like this! When she told her to knock down Liu Shunyi, give Liu Shunyi a lesson, this is nonsense, she and Liu Shun Yi have no quarrel, why should give her a lesson! You don't have to make up a lie like that! She now began to suspect that this little maid of honor named Hongzhu had been bribed by others and deliberately framed her, or that at the beginning, Hongzhu was a chess piece placed in the Jinhua Palace by others, and that when it was time to use this chess piece, the chess piece would work. You are really full of nonsense, when the little Lord let you go to hit Liu Shunyi, you are a second-class little maid in Jinhua Palace, the number of times to enter Jinhua Palace is very few, the little Lord saw you, even your name can not remember, will order you to do such an important thing as hitting Liu Shunyi,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, if there is such an important thing, it will be my loyal turn first, not you. The slave of the master! 。

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