Sweeping the world

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The conference semifinals are not good at siege, but Li Kuang will not send the Han army headquarters to attack RuYin city, he actually does not put the conference semifinals life as human life, or even hate the conference semifinals from the heart, after all, he has had the unfortunate co

The conference semifinals are not good at siege, but Li Kuang will not send the Han army headquarters to attack RuYin city, he actually does not put the conference semifinals life as human life, or even hate the conference semifinals from the heart, after all, he has had the unfortunate conference semifinals once. However, he did not intentionally consume the servant army composed of Hu people under his command, and the price offered by the first one was even quite good. The first person to attack the city wall, regardless of whether the battle captured Ruyin, can be released from slavery, reward hundred gold! For those who retreat without orders, heaven decides who lives and who dies! Li Kuang's voice was so loud that he shouted to the servants who were about to attack the city. He immediately struck down with his sword: "Attack!" Regardless of whether the barbarians could understand the Chinese full of Shandong flavor, it seemed that the morale of the servants who were arranged to attack the city was fairly good. They shouted and charged into the range of the archers of the Jin army guarding the city, attacked under the wall in the rain of arrows, and then were attacked by wood and rolling stones. The servant army braved all kinds of guarding city attack means soon set up a ladder, and soon someone kept shouting to climb with a shield on his head. Their actions were strongly counterattacked by the Jin army guarding the city. In addition to wood and rolling stones, there was burning and boiling excrement and urine tilted down. Guarding the city with "gold juice" is a common means, but also appears to be very effective, the skin of the person who was drenched will soon fester, even if it is not dead on the spot,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, in fact, there is no good means of treatment behind, which means that people with insufficient resistance will die even if they are drenched hands and feet. Shouts and screams are never uncommon on the battlefield, and there are bound to be casualties on both sides all the time. Li Kuang watched his troops being blocked under the wall with an expressionless face. Our troops will soon be retreating in disorder. Wang Biao observed that none of the servants could climb up the wall. He shouted, "Would you like the crossbowman to come forward and suppress the defenders?" Siege is never easy to attack, especially when the defenders have enough equipment to defend the city, such as wood,Flush Retrofit Kit, rolling stones, gold juice and so on, so there is a saying that siege is the next. There are many correct ways to attack the city, belong to the best is to lure the defenders out of the city to fight, or can only be constantly consuming the defenders of guarding city equipment, until the defenders of arrows, wood, rolling stones, gold juice and other guarding city tools are consumed, but also waiting for the defenders morale becomes extremely low, it is possible to capture the city. Nope Li Kuang's face was still expressionless: "After the attacking troops retreated in disorder, they sent people to shout into the city." Wang Biao's cheek twitched and he asked, "What are you shouting for?" He sincerely suspected that Li Kuang was deliberately consuming the servant army. Those who offer the city will be rewarded heavily. Those who resist will be killed after the city is destroyed. If they resist for more than ten days, the whole city will be slaughtered. Li Kuangpi smiled and said, Time Delay Faucet ,stainless steel squatting pan, "Let's see if the big families or powerful people in the city are the same as the Jin army." Ordinary residents of Ruyin City? Yes, there must be the most ordinary residents in the city, but it is impossible for them to decide their own destiny. It must be organized by a respected person, which is determined by the social class. Tu, Tu.. Massacre?! Wang Biao was shocked. He lost his temper and said, "It depends on the situation. Chengtou didn't find the people. You will make the city full of resistance. Once Ruyin becomes a city of unity.." It's not how much Wang Biao was shocked by the massacre. There are many ways to attack a city. There is no offense after breaking through the city, there is the liquidation of the defenders after breaking through the city, there is the killing of the defenders and the indulgence of their foot soldiers plunder after breaking down the city, and there is a slaughter all over the city after breaking down the city. That is to say, the so-called siege, conquest and destruction of the city. Historically, the destruction of the city heralded a feast of slaughter and robbery, and he was shocked that Li Kuang was making it more difficult for himself to conquer Ruyin City. Li Kuang was too lazy to explain and assumed a confident attitude. Soon the first batch of the servants of the siege was routed down, there is the Han army headquarters to gather the servants of the rout, put them to another place, one pot after another was moved, life routed down the servants from the jar each took out a stone, draw black stone is not relieved is ecstatic, draw white stone is collapsed or cry out. A very simple way to punish the defeated army is to kill one out of ten. Those who get the black stone are lucky to live, and those who get the white stone will be executed. This is a set of rules handed down from the Shang Dynasty, and the Romans in Europe also took the same measures to punish the routed army. The execution is carried out in public, in which the unlucky people, who are full of ugliness, kneel down in a row and are killed by other lucky people who wield sharp weapons from behind. The servant army did not have any restlessness because of seeing such a scene, they just watched quietly. Han army headquarters, of course, will not have any idea, if they are in an attack, have been agreed in advance not allowed to retreat and retreat, will also be executed ten draw a kill. But the Jin army of RuYin city a cry of surprise, they should not understand why the Han army will kill a large number of their own people, feel that the Han army barbaric at the same time is also unreasonable, after all, the attack troops is a narrow escape. Really Harsh enough! Li Mai felt unprecedented fear, he actually know what the Han army is doing. He turned to a man dressed as a scribe and said, "They are determined to win the city of Ruyin." The scribe is the master of Ruyin. His name is not important. His face is pale, and his hands and feet are trembling. Two people have not talked out a what, but is found in uniform of the Han army. Is the Han army headquarters foot soldiers, there are five hundred people lined up forward. Five hundred men to attack the city? Li Mai did not show his fear. Seeing that only the headquarters of the 500 Han troops were advancing, he laughed and said, "Aren't they crazy?" Five hundred Han army foot soldiers, of course, is not to siege, there are about five thousand servants behind them, including the west and east of the respective servant army is the siege of the army. This group of Han troops came to Chengtou garrison arrow attack distance,Stainless Steel Toilet China, began to shout in unison: "Xian Cheng reward, resistance to kill, ten days after the slaughter of the whole city." 。 cnkexin.com

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