Braces For Body Parts - Patented Support Devices

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Aofit is the perfect choice for all your support needs. The wide range of Aofit products includes back braces, knee braces, finger splints, ankle braces, and more braces for full body parts. Aofit supports and braces offer superior support and stability for arthritis, pain relief, injury p

Traditionally, braces for body parts have been made of cloth or leather. Later, however, the materials were developed into compression braces. A patent issued to Hettick teaches how to make a variety of such support devices. These braces not only provide adequate support, but they also retain moisture and warmth from the user.

These compression braces are constructed from a composite material that has been cut into shape. The sheet is then joined at the edges to form a substantially tubular structure. The design is then determined by the intended application and the user's physical stature. A composite material that is hydrophobic and has multiple-dimensional stretch properties is a preferred material.

In addition to the benefits of biometric customization, TwikFit also provides a high level of customization. It allows medical professionals to create braces using 3-D scan data that matches the patient's anatomy and provides an advanced, comfortable fit. Moreover, patients can have their brace customized to their personal preference, which improves compliance.

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