Go to the black boss by mistake.

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"You'll know in a minute?" Zhen Meili points to outside: "Go,

"You'll know in a minute?" Zhen Meili points to outside: "Go, he does not come, I think they two are really impossible!" Ru Yun nodded. As soon as he arrived at the door of the ward, he saw Ximen Hao standing in front of him. Without looking much, he slanted his head and said, "It seems that he won't come, Yan Qing!" Yan Qing waved and began to talk privately in the past. Huangfu Li Ye has a deep meaning to squint to the side of the reclining Ximen Hao, and then look at Xiao Ruyun, really like a stranger, in the end what makes them hastily separated? I can't find out until now, and I don't know how to find out at all, but I can confirm that they entered the hotel, and I don't know if there is anything, the question is whether they did it or not? If you do the reason for breaking up. No reason, right? Xiao Ruyun told him he didn't like him? A pure and pure girl, if you break up, it's a little too hurtful. I don't know if you've been with big braids for a long time, so I think things are a little humanized. If you were a woman before, you could find the next one, but you've known these people for a long time. Sure enough, those who are close to Zhu are red! Half an hour later, at exactly six o'clock, everyone was waiting outside the operating room. It was very quiet. The doctor should be taking out the fetus, right? They're all nervous. At the same time, a bar was bustling with debauchery. Su Junhong raised his glass and kept bumping into the guests. He drank it again and smiled at the corners of his mouth: "I have heard that Wang Lao has a great reputation. Today I will sacrifice my life to accompany a gentleman!" The old man nodded with satisfaction: "It's only six o'clock. The bar has just opened. We'll get drunk and sign the contract tomorrow." "No problem,ultrasonic welding transducer, come on!" Drink it again and talk happily, but how many people know how tortuous the story behind the smile is? I don't know how long it took for the door of the operating room to open. The nurses pushed the mother and daughter out. The doctor looked at everyone with a smile: "Mother and daughter are safe, but the baby seems to be a little weak and has low immunity. It's better not to blow within three months. It's easy to catch cold. We'll take good care of it!" "Thank you, doctor, thank you!" Yan Qing held the man's hand, then touched Yingzi's face and said, "You are great!" Yan Yingzi could hardly open her eyes and nodded slightly: "I know!" After being sent to the hospital bed, Xiao Ruyun looked at the child in the nurse's hand and said, "Do you need an incubator?" "No,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, but these three days must be taken by us, so let's go!" "Trouble!" Standing in the doorway, Ximen Hao opened the door with his own hands and looked at the baby's lips in the nurse's arms, a fleeting moment of envy. Several men sat in the sofa, while several women stood beside the bed to take care of, bless and exhort! "I'm a vagrant now, and I'm just looking for a job after the New Year. During this period, you're all busy. I'll take care of you!" Ru Yun pulled Yan Yingzi's hat and suddenly frowned. When Zhen Meili saw that her friend's expression was not right, she hugged her waist: "What's wrong?" Ru Yun shook her head and said with a smile, "That's coming. My stomach is a little uncomfortable. It's only been three days. I'll hold the baby then." "Remember to drink some brown sugar water!" Yan Qing also took his friend's shoulder to remind him. I know, well, it's getting late, you all go back, Yan Qing, there are four in your family to take care of, beautiful you and Li Ye also go, all go! Hearing that they could go, several men immediately stood up, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic dispersing machine, looking like they had long wanted to go. Liu Xiaolong saw that Ximen Hao took the lead in going out without saying goodbye and shook his head helplessly. Hurry up, this is milk powder, four bottles, all written with numbers, remember not to get confused, and remember, don't always wear them around outside, preferably in the office.. Early in the morning, Liu Zhai kept shouting. The woman was already dressed neatly, while the man was carrying two on his back and holding two in his hands. What was more abominable was that his wife had a bag around his neck and was stuffing a bag of diapers into it. His handsome face looked like Bao Gong. Come on, it's all in your mouth! Four red pacifiers were stuffed into the baby's mouth. The pull rings of the pacifiers were all numbers, one, two, three, four. They all began to suck hard, and their eyes moved with their parents. When everything was almost ready, Yan Qing pointed to the door and said, "Let's go!" Liu Xiaolong looked down at the bundle hanging around his neck and gritted his teeth and said, "Take it down and give it to Ah Hao!" "Oh, are you bored? Just carry it and go. I'm going to be late!" Damn, when I got up early in the morning, Aunt Bucktooth was the only servant left. All the others were on annual leave, and my mother-in-law had to come back for more than ten days. It was really terrible. Fortunately, there was a man who could command me. Take it down! A low roar of gnashing teeth. Some female was frightened jump, have no way, sullen face took down bundle to stride to go out, send Ximen Hao in the hand: "This must not be lost, otherwise the children will be hungry!" "You can rest assured that we can buy it immediately if we lose it!" Put it away, turn your head inadvertently, eyes wide open, big. Big Brother.. Why is it so miserable? As the police car left, the man looked down at the pacifier with an expressionless face, took a deep breath and sat in the car, adjusted his posture and said coldly, "Go!" Simon bared his teeth, didn't he? This is to be seen by Lu Tianhao, but also not laugh to death? No, I have to think about how to save my eldest brother's face. Are you going to kill people without seeing it? In the car at the gate of the Wolong Gang, Lu Tianhao carried a good harness, and the child was so safely and steadily carried by his father. The thick blanket covered his little face, with only a few small holes for ventilation. Suddenly, the child hummed discontentedly. The man saw his men coming in and was about to show a wild smile, but found that the corners of his mouth could not laugh for a long time. Without waiting for the child to cry, he put his index finger into the baby's mouth with a black face. Sure enough, he was immediately sucked by the child and stopped crying. Seeing this, Luo Bao shook his head and said, "Elder brother, you can't do it. If you encounter an emergency brake, you will have an accident!" What can I do if he doesn't eat the pacifier? Then let him cry! Pulling back his hand, the surprise was that the baby did not cry, but opened his mouth and yawned, closed his eyes and slept. No matter how he looked, he was different from the boy. His hair seemed to be darker and thicker than the fourth brother of the Liu family: "If you don't touch him, who can see that he is a boy?" "Big brother, the young master must be popular in the mainland when he grows up!" Double eyelids,ultrasonic cutting machine, big eyes, this kind of man is very popular, women's favorite. fycgsonic.com

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