The Supreme Rookie of Online Games

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There was only one man who appeared from the station.

There was only one man who appeared from the station. The reason why this man could attract everyone's attention was that his clothes were so eye-catching. In full view of the crowd, the man was wearing a night suit. Not only that, his head was wrapped in a kerchief, his face was covered with a mask, and only a pair of hands and two eyes were exposed all over his body. People may turn up their noses at this look, but now it's the equivalent of the Avengers Alliance. Ha-ha! "Catcher immediately laughed and said," The real one is coming. You fakes are kneeling and licking quickly. " Hearing this, one of the robbers immediately said to the man in black, "This is the territory of our Ivy Gang. You'd better not play in our territory." "Bang" Before the man had finished speaking, a loud noise suddenly appeared. At the same time when a "1231" appeared, the figure was directly turned into a white light. Everyone looked at the man in black in amazement, only to see a half-foot-long muzzle of a musket emitting a trace of smoke. Until then, a cry of surprise suddenly appeared: "I rely on musketeers." I don't know how many people shouted at the same time, this cry can be heard almost in the whole city of Qingzhou, but before they can recover, the attack of musketeers has come one after another. Bang, bang, bang,micro gear motor, bang. The sound of gunfire kept appearing. The musketeer stood beside the post station and fired indiscriminately. As long as he was shot, even if he did not die, there was only a trace of blood left. The people of the Green Vine Gang were immediately beaten and fled in all directions. One by one, the people who were killed by seconds kept appearing beside several people in Xuyang. Catching the wind pointed at them and said: "Tell you to pretend to be the Avengers Alliance and kill you." Xu Yang immediately said, "No, the Musketeer is not a member of the Avengers Alliance. He fought with the Avengers Alliance in Lingjiu Palace." Hearing this,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, several people also remembered that in Lingjiu Palace, the robber cadre who used Dazhou Tian's swordsmanship really wanted to rob the musketeer. When they thought of this, things immediately became difficult to understand. What is he doing alone? "The boss of the Ivy Gang immediately shouted," Follow me and cut him down. " The voice fell, the man directly in the air, I do not know which faction of flying skills he used, he actually flew directly from the air to the musketeer, flying to the musketeer at the same time, his long knife also directly forward, his whole body became like a sword. Although the man's moves were amazing, the musketeer did not even look at him. The musketeer still stood in place and fired wantonly. A white light kept flying into the sky. However, under the leadership of the leader, the other members of the Ivy Gang also rushed up to fight back. Seeing that the musketeer ignored him, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,Small Geared Motors, the man with the knife was naturally very angry. He was about to go to the front of the musketeer. He shouted directly: "Go to hell, you XX." The voice fell, the man's long knife directly toward the musketeer's head mountain, although the wind has been shouting to let the musketeer escape, but Xu Yang knew that he did not have to hide. When ~ ~ ~ " When the musketeer was about to be stabbed by a long knife, a light sound of metal collision suddenly appeared, they looked and saw a black broad knife suddenly appeared in the left hand of the musketeer, the man of the Ivy Gang was originally stabbed in the head of the Musketeer, but after the black knife appeared, his long knife suddenly turned and stuck on the black knife, the man's face was full of consternation. But by this time, a dark muzzle had been pointed at his head. “goodbyebaby~” "Bang" Chapter 425 Excalibur swordsman VS Musketeer. With the sound of a gunshot, the "Big Brother" also appeared in the resurrection point. He said in disbelief, "What's going on? Is his knife made of magnets?" After this sentence, people's attention was all focused on the knife, everyone wanted to see what the knife was like, but after seeing the knife, Xu Yang suddenly felt that the knife looked so familiar. Although the "Big Brother" had already gone to the Resurrection Point, the rest of the people still rushed toward the Musketeer. Looking at the fan-shaped crowd, the Musketeer suddenly took back all his weapons. The swordsman in the Resurrection Point immediately shouted, "He's going to run. Hurry up." Hearing this, the undead members of the Ivy Gang immediately quickened their pace toward the Musketeer, but at this time, the Musketeer's palms suddenly pushed out: "Kang Long has regrets." With the appearance of a loud shout, a large area of palm wind suddenly appeared in a fan shape, and almost all the members of the Ivy Gang were enveloped in it. Hearing the loud shout, all the people watching the scene of bustle were surprised. They looked and saw that all the members of the Ivy Gang had been hurt by more than 200 people. After the palm wind, the group immediately became as if they had drunk too much. The crowd was full of exclamations, but Xu Yang could not help raising his eyebrows, and Shuixin said beside him: "How does this scene look familiar?" Musketeer's palm wind is very wide, but in the corner there are still a few people ran over, see the musketeer did not take the blade 2, they directly waved their weapons straight forward, but when they rushed to the side of the musketeer, musketeers is a change of posture again out of the double palm: "dragon wagging tail." With a loud shout, the musketeer directly pushed out a two-meter-wide palm gas. In an instant, even the air became distorted, and the person who was hit by the palm gas flew backwards directly. This time, the person who was hit lost more than 400 lives directly. Everyone could not help exclaiming: "Wow, it's really the Eighteen Palms of Subduing the Dragon." After the two palms were pushed out,Vending Machine Motor, the musketeer suddenly raised his right palm, and when people's eyes were focused on his hand, his palm clapped directly on the ground: "Long Zhan is in the field." "Bang".

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