SSTIK- Smart website to download TIKTOK and DOUYIN Videos

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SSTIK- is a website developed to optimize downloading videos on Tiktok and Douyin has removed the logo and ID to meet the needs of the majority of Tiktok users.

TikTok is a treasure trove of decent sized videos. And you may have even shared some TikTok videos with your friends. But what if you have a need to download videos and devices for offline viewing?

In this article, we will show you how to download TikTok videos on desktop and mobile, which is much easier than you think.

Why you should download TikTok videos

There are many purposes for which you want to download tiktok videos.
TikTok comes with loads of unique and fresh entertainment content. Since the apps don't have a native offline mode, you can download the clips you like to watch later without an internet connection.

Alternatively, you might just want to share a video instead of a link on a messaging app. TikTok is not just about music and entertainment. Tiktok also contains videos about cooking. Therefore, you can use the download function, such as saving a recipe that you want to try at some point.
As we will discuss later in this article, TikTok allows you to download other people's videos directly. However, regardless of TikTok's policies, you should be mindful of people's privacy and not abuse these methods for any illegal purposes.

How to download videos from TikTok on PC,mobile using SSTIK.DE

  • To download TikTok videos to your Mac or PC using SSTIK - tiktok downloader, visit the SSTIK Website and also open TikTok in a separate window on PC or Tiktok app on mobile
  • Next, get the link of the TikTok video by tapping the Share button and then selecting Copy link.

    Once you have the link, go to SSTIK and paste the URL in the next box, click Download. You can download it as an MP3 video or audio file.
  • The video will be stored in the Downloads folder on your computer and your mobile
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