Top 4 Transport Opportunities in America

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The US is a large country with a complex transport network. All means of transport function efficiently and make your commuting easy and comfortable. If you're planning a trip around the United States, you are interested in the fastest way to get from one place to another. This article will provide you with some tips on what vehicle to choose in different situations.


The airplane is the most convenient mode of transport when it comes to moving between states. The majority of big cities have at least one airport with direct flights as well as those with stopovers. Even small cities have airports that operate domestic and international flights daily. If you are planning to go to the neighboring state, you needn't buy tickets for a plane. The best option is to rent a car in the USA and travel short distances without pre-booking and delays. USA car rental services are pervasive in pretty much every state, so it wouldn't be a problem to rent a vehicle. If you decide to cross the whole country from coast to coast in the shortest possible time, you’d better take a plane.

Rental car

The United States can boast wide, comfortable highways, affordable fuel, and breathtaking views. For this reason, car rental is in high demand among tourists and natives in the United States. The cost of car rental USA depends on many factors including rental period, vehicle category, weather, season, additional options, driver's age, etc. Car rental age varies in different states, so you should figure out which one allows you to rent one. There are many available cars for rent, but the most popular types are SUVs, vans and compact cars.


All major cities in the US have a large fleet of taxis. The highest concentration of taxis is near the airports because of tourists or in the city centers, where residents commute to work daily. It is easy to catch a taxi, but the price may not be satisfactory at times. For example, in public places like airports or shopping malls taxi drivers tend to overcharge passengers due to the large influx of people.


New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago and Boston are cities with a developed network of underground transport. Subway is the most convenient way to get from one end of the city to the other without forking out on taxis or rental cars. The cheapest way to use the subway is with a monthly or weekly pass. It depends on how often you intend to ride. In addition, student discounts are available in some cities. You can get them at the station or the transport bureau.


Living in such a broad country you can’t go without a car, that’s why it’s the most popular vehicle here. Then goes the aircraft, which is the quickest way to travel long distances. Taxis are also very common, but you should be aware of places where you can avoid overpaying. Subways are not present in every state but are a good choice for commuting within the area.

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