What Exactly is a Swimming Noodle

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A swimming noodle or pool noodle is an ultra-flexible, neon-coloured foam pipe that is primarily used as a swimming.

A swimming noodle or pool noodle is an ultra-flexible, neon-coloured foam pipe that is primarily used as a swimming aid that many children know as the "woggle". It is a cylindrical shaped polyethylene foam object used for fun and education. Sometimes hollow, sometimes solid, it's always entertaining. They have become synonymous with swimming pools and are well known to all children in the U.K. I can't imagine a swimming pool outing without one. There are many strange, weird and wonderful ways you can use your swimming noodle. In or out the water, your pool noodle will keep you entertained.

Uses Include:


  • Swimming aid - Too lazy to float on your own? Just grab onto your swimming noodle!
  • Swimming aid - Teach your children how to swim with these amazing cylinders
  • Rescue - Reach out to a struggling swimmer in an emergency
  • Play - Various water sports can be played with this toy
  • Play - Aid your regular game play with a colourful water toy
  • Exercise - Aquatic Exercise is great for physiotherapeutic purposes
  • Snorkelling - Amateur snorkelling is a fun new hobby to take up
  • Construction - Lego-like connections make construction easy and fun
  • Swimming noodles are great for all ages, from your in-experienced six year old son to your grand-mother
  • After her hip replacement physiotherapy in the pool would be advantageous and fun


You'll find your colourful neon foam noodle to be great fun throughout summer time. You can purchase a noodle connector to add fun to your swim time. These connectors allow you to connect several swimming noodles to each other allowing for amazing fun and entertainment!

Some Fun Games and How to Play Them

Some of the best "noodle games" are listed below for you to review and enjoy. These games will improve fitness of students and professionals alike. Teach co-operation and fair play.


Partners are necessary. Each dueller gets his/her own noodle. Stand facing each other touching your noodles end to end. When the game begins, together you must count to 3 then say "go". Let the noodle pool fun begin! Try and touch your enemy's foot with your noodle!


For this tag game, you must choose a few "hornets". Each noodle serves as the "hornet's" stinger (a noodle piece). The "hornets" have to tag others using their stinger. Once the "hornet stings", they lose their stinger (just like a real hornet). Once the stinger is dropped, the stung player must pick it up and then become the new "hornet".

Where can I find a swimming noodle and how much?

Finding a swimming noodle easier than playing with it. They are readily available on the web, and they cost as little as 4.95 GBP. Your kids will have hours of fun inside or outside the pool. With so many uses the swimming noodle should be your favourite toy for summer. With so many fun ways of using your noodle you'll never get bored.

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