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Our Abu Dhabi City Tour takes you on a fast voyage through a portion of the best attractions the city brings to the table.

What To Do and Where to Go During Your Dubai and Abu Dhabi City Tour

Almost two years of sparse travel throughout the world have now given way to a cautious but steady revival in tourism. Travel bubbles and travel corridors are allowing more and more nations to open up and welcome tourists. You can now go as a tourist to several places, including the Dubai and Abu Dhabi city tour in UAE!

What to do During Abu Dhabi city tour

Abu Dhabi is the jewel of the Arabian Gulf and the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The Louvre Abu Dhabi and the paradisiacal Yas Island are only two examples of the best that can be found in this golden metropolis, the pinnacle of Emirati extravagance. See the exciting seaside attractions, cutting-edge buildings, and exciting activities the capital has to offer! For a more creative schedule, have a look at the top things to do in Abu Dhabi city tour.

Where to go during your Abu Dhabi city tour

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Visit the Louvre Abu Dhabi to embark on a visual time travel adventure. Through 12 galleries containing the most renowned works of art in the world, learn about ancient civilizations. View up to 35,000 works of art created by famous artists, like Jackson Pollock, Claude Monet, and Leonardo da Vinci, to mention a few. The collection, which honors the creative openness of people regardless of origin or culture, is organized chronologically.

Qasr Al Watan

Yes, castles are beautiful, but nothing compares to the majesty of Qasr Al Watan. With its crystal chandeliers, white granite flooring, and decorations that are the result of centuries of Arabian art and construction, this working presidential palace is a historical icon that must be seen for yourself. Do not miss The Palace in Motion Show, a three-act light and sound show that depicts the history of the UAE.

What to do During Dubai city tour

The jaw-dropping buildings, luxurious shopping centers, and the energy of a gulf city that works hard and plays harder will wow you to no end when you visit Dubai. It's like getting a glimpse into the future. Dubai is known for its gleaming urban architecture, but it also offers healthy activities that are ideal for adventurers and tourists with a sense for culture. Check out this list of the top things to do in Dubai if you fit that description.

Where to go during your Dubai city tour

Ain Dubai

At Ain Dubai, you are undoubtedly on top of the world at a height of 250m. View Dubai in all its splendor from a 360-degree observation cabin. It is the largest observation wheel in the world due to its extreme height and scale, making it a must-try for first-time visitors.

Dubai frame

Ever wanted to frame something you saw that was so stunning? The designers of the Dubai Frame undoubtedly kept that in mind as they created the architectural masterpiece. This recognizable architectural marvel connects the emirate's culturally rich past and potential present by "framing" both Old and New Dubai. From the Sky Deck, which is the highest point in the frame, take in an amazing panoramic perspective of the city.

Miracle Garden

With the Miracle Garden and Dubai Garden Glow, museums in Dubai are given an intriguing makeover. Catch these attractions while they're still active because they are seasonal sensory experiences! In the 45 million blooming flowers arranged in different styles that make up Miracle Garden.

These are just few examples Dubai and Abu Dhabi city tour has lots to share with you. So pack your bag and get a tour to the United Arab Emirates.

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