Know Everything About The German Shepard Long Hair

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The german shepard long hair is a famous breed that are used for herding sheep. This dog, a working breed at heart, has established himself as a stunning and well-liked household pet.

The german shepard long hair is a famous breed that are used for herding sheep. This dog, a working breed at heart, has established himself as a stunning and well-liked household pet.


Despite the fact that many of us appreciate the long-haired German Shepherd for his gorgeous beauty and excellent behavior, there is still a lot about this fun dog that we don't understand. If you're interested in learning more about the characteristics of the german shepard long hair and how they differ from their regular, short-haired counterparts Then you should read this article.

What Is a Long Haired German Shepard?

A German Shepherd with long hair has a different coat than one with short hair. A recessive gene is responsible for this long-coat variant. German Shepherd litters can produce both standard and long-haired puppies, just as Labrador.


In reality, if both parents have the recessive trait, two Short Haired German Shepherds can have a litter of Long Haired puppies. On the other hand, no puppies in a litter will develop a long coat if one parent does not possess the gene. A german shepard long hair is therefore uncommon and expensive.


The Long Haired German Shepherd's fur is seen negatively by the American Kennel Club (AKC). In other words, breeding the dogs is not recommended or permitted. As a result, it's uncommon for German Shepherds to carry the recessive trait that gives them long hair.


Only 10–15% of all German Shepherds, according to some estimates, have long hair. This is the reason why some breeders may charge more for german shepard long hair.

Important Information for Owners of German Shepard Long Hair

Food Diet Requirements

Large and active dogs like the Long Haired GSD require premium dry dog food. Once you've chosen the type of food you'll feed your dog, you can use the directions on the bag of food to help you decide how much and how frequently to feed your GSD. Always consult your veterinarian if you have any concerns regarding your dog's weight.


Due to their high levels of energy and activity, GSDs require roughly two hours of exercise each day for both their physical and mental well-being. In agility, tracking, and herding competitions, they will excel, which will also make them healthy and cheerful. 


The german shepard long hair will react well to consistent, tough yet gentle training that is positive, reward-based, and consistent. He will perform best if he spends time at home with his family. Your dog will be well-adjusted and happy if you provide him with consistent training and a loving home environment.


In comparison to the Short Haired GSD, the Long Haired GSD does need a little more grooming care. They shed a little less frequently than Short Haired GSDs since their undercoat isn't as thick, but they still require regular brushing, especially after a walk in the forest.


Expect to brush him a few times per week, but in the spring and fall when he starts to shed, you might need to brush him every day. Just once a month, give him a bath using a quality dog shampoo. Your german shepard long hair ears should be cleaned once per month. His teeth should be brushed roughly twice a week, and his nails should be cut every three to four weeks.

How Big Do Long Haired German Shepherds Get?

Just because you're parenting a long-haired German Shepherd out of love doesn't give you the right to do it without research. The size of the dog as an adult is one of the first things that needs to be made obvious in this situation.


Long-haired German Shepherd males can grow up to 26 inches and females can reach 24 inches. They weigh roughly the same as dogs with short hair, average between 66 and 88 lbs for males and 49 to 71 lbs for females. Their coat length has no impact on their height or weight.

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