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How could it be otherwise, it was in Switzerland in 1867, where in the town called Saint-Imier, the first Longines pocket watch was manufactured. The name of the brand is due to its location, since the land where the facilities were located was called Les-Longines (long meadows).

The first vintage Longines watch was made with the movement called 20A, a twenty-line caliber with an anchor escapement and a push button for setting the time, a completely new detail for the time that obtained worldwide recognition due to the prizes obtained in the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1867.

This provided great growth for the company, which translated into a notable improvement in its facilities due to a significant growth in orders, including in the American continent, a truly important export milestone in the years we are talking about.

The commercial relations that the company had led 10 years later to exhibit their watches at the Universal Exhibition in Philadelphia, in 1876. It was on this trip that they learned everything necessary to establish chain production in their facilities. Thanks to this, two years later the first Longines Custom Mens Watches with a chronograph was released, the so-called caliber 20H, capable of keeping an exhaustive control of time.

The great technology incorporated in their watches meant that in 1886 they were the most used by the judges of sports competitions in New York, due to their great precision in controlling time. A fact that together with the output of its caliber 21.59, a high precision chronograph, they registered and patented the brand in 1889.

But the real explosion came in 1900, when his 21.59 caliber pocket model, called "La Renommé", won the Universal Prize at the Universal Exhibition in Paris. A year later, the first Longines wristwatch was launched on the market, the 13.33 Z, a precision electromechanical chronograph.

From here on everything is a revolution, Longines Custom Womens Watches begin to be the most used in the aeronautical sector, to the point that one of them was on the wrist of the aviator who made the first Atlantic flight. This gave rise to the commercialization of its Longines Lindberg model, capable of calculating longitude and latitude in a surprisingly exact way for the date we are talking about. Would this be the main reason for the feat? Custom Luxury Watches. We offer OEM ODM services. Also we can produce as per your samples and designs. We are looking forward to establishing a good business relationship with you.

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