Sex dolls also play science fiction, tailor-made "Avatar" female characters

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The taste is really hard to say! Many people put their fantasies on realistic sex dolls. Products become more realistic and fully functional. When "soulmates" can be tailored, you can play sci-fi! According to foreign media reports, some manufacturers said that customer demand

Once the most popular movie in film history, "Avatar" broke the imagination of many people when it was released in 2009. The tall blue alien creatures are still fresh in my memory. The sequel to the movie has also been filmed on location, and it is tentatively scheduled to be released in 2022, fans are looking forward to it. Many physical doll manufacturers took a fancy to this movie, and the response was great. Aiming at the opportunity, they launched the love doll of "Avatar" in time to meet people's alternative needs.

It is reported that the film company intends to shoot 5 "Avatar" and make them into a series of works, which may be related to silicone sex doll styles or more. It also refers to the doll of the incarnation of the heroine Nitri, with a blue body and a reggae head, which has a large market in "Otaku Dark World".

Louis Love, the founder of the British sex doll brand "SL", said earlier in an interview with foreign media that the popularity of sci-fi physical dolls has risen sharply. More styles will be introduced in the future, and the dolls will be different.Sex doll torso, Breeds, hands and toes, marks, joints can all be chosen or specified by the client, emphasizing the need to provide clients with a unique experience that matches their individual fantasy concept.

The dolls that can be provided are not only aliens, but also three-breasted mutants, dwarves and elves from sci-fi movies, and even the so-called "FUTANARI". Even hermaphroditic creatures are available. Some customers like sci-fi and mythical creatures. Themes, fairy characters, and even Disney's The Mermaid series can be offbeat partners.

Another manufacturer called "Doll-Forever" even has a physical doll with three breasts. The finished product seems to be deeply impressed. In fact, this character look comes from a red-light district girl from Mars in the 1990 sci-fi movie "Mighty Dragon." The image even appeared at Milan Fashion Week at one point, but she didn't expect to be made into a TPE sex doll. However, these replacement dolls are expensive. On the one hand, custom dolls require additional mold openings. On the other hand, material requirements and production processes are more complex. It is reported that the asking price is about 1,200 to 2,000 pounds (about 10,000 to 30,000 yuan).

As the leader of sci-fi movies, Europe and the United States are second to none in terms of sci-fi style design in various fields. Foreign physical doll manufacturers are designing a batch of physical dolls inspired by science fiction movies, which are expected to be launched in the market within three years, including dolls in the style of the sci-fi series "Westworld". The new generation of dolls will be equipped with high-tech sensors that respond to touch, such as internal heating, and will create ultra-realistic physical dolls with the ability to speak and even chat. To be sure, it can meet the tastes of different customers, but of course it also depends on the imagination and wallet of the customer.

Of course, there are also many sex doll companies in my country that are working hard to develop AI-equipped smart companion dolls. Currently, they have smart features for simple conversations, as well as movable eyes and limbs.

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