Should you buy games on Steam?

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Steam is Valve's largest platform for distributing game sets around the world. On this site, any user can publish their product for a small fee. Thus, the players learn about the product, and it begins to be actively sold and distributed. Is it worth it to install games from Steam or

Steam is Valve's largest platform for distributing game sets around the world. On this site, any user can publish their product for a small fee. Thus, the players learn about the product, and it begins to be actively sold and distributed. Is it worth it to install games from Steam or better not?

What is Steam?

Steam is not only a platform for distributing software, but also  protection from additional software that other sites might offer you. The application downloaded from here will run on any device from your account.

Steam allows you to install games directly from the developer on your computer. In addition to gaming software, the user can install various programs for creating video games or host their own product. Basically, all games are distributed on Windows, there are some products on MacOS and Linux. You can download Steam for Windows at

Pros of buying games on Steam

There are enough advantages, because the site is constantly evolving and changing

  • Most of the games that are available on this site  are not found anywhere else . If the development team is small or the manufacturer does not have the opportunity to host the game on their site, then he will choose Steam.
  • Downloading video games and installing files  is very convenient and simple . There is always a universal instruction.
  • You can get  a bonus or gift when you download . Steam has both a loyalty system and a rewards system. For example, the site gives an application from your favorites or from your birthday basket.
  • As a gift for installing from Steam, you get  additional heroes  or  new clothes for characters , which is very rare in the same torrent files.
  • Reliable, proven system . You do not need to be afraid for your money or for your computer, because all products are tested and cleared of malware.
  • Achievement system , which is published on your personal Steam page. As a result, your rating grows, and you can compete with other players.
  • Developer support . If you liked the game that some blogger had a walkthrough for, then why not support the creators? After all, any project needs to be encouraged, you will help the team and new, improved applications.
  • There are video games on Steam that  are worth nothing . Achievements and bonuses are also given for them, but you will definitely be sure of the reliability of the downloaded product (for example, Dota 2 is free).
  • If you bought the game once, then it is now  available on all devices ! The main thing is not to lose the password to your account so that the key is always available.
  • Free patches . When you update the game, it will be available to you absolutely free of charge, with the exception of add-ons, which often have to be purchased.
  • Walking friends . On Steam, you can find like-minded people who are also passionate about your favorite products. You can play with them online or share your impressions about the game.

Cons of buying games on Steam

In addition to the disadvantages of buying video games on this site, it is also worth talking about other negative aspects of video games:

  • Waste of your time . Over time, the set of video games in your account will become more and more, and the time that you could spend on something useful will decrease. Video games take up a lot of hours in your day, and Steam apps are no exception.
  • Collector's editions, discs with pleasant surprises, cards, etc. are  only available when purchased in the store . At the moment, there are few stores left that would sell discs. You can buy the Collector's Season on Steam, but it will only include the game, expansion packs, and the soundtrack.
  • Spending a lot of money . If a person falls into the category of "shopaholics", then Steam will become a new cost item. A lot of games with a thoughtful plot, interesting graphics and interface are expensive, some will have to save up.
  • In addition,  most add-ons are paid , you will also have to buy them.
  • Good technique . For some games, you will need a fairly powerful technique that will have to be updated over time, and this is also a big expense and installation time.
  • In some video games,  the achievement system is completely out of place  and spoils the atmosphere.
  • Downloading from other sites . You can download the repack for free, but you will have to wait a bit. Here, too, there are some nuances, you need to know who you will download from and be sure of the choice, because no one guarantees the absence of viruses in the repack.
  • If you have not seen a video game that interests you anywhere before, then you can present it only with the help of a description or a short trailer. You can't play a paid app for 30 minutes for free to get into the story and see if you like it. You will have to buy a product and if you don’t like it, then no one will return the money.
  • Frequent hacking of accounts . If your account is hacked, then all games and keys to them will be lost, as well as your money.
  • A lot of everything . Some users are annoyed by endless lotteries, contests and sweepstakes, as well as other small prizes. If you are a person who just wants to play, then download the product directly from the developer.

General Tips and Tricks

You choose whether to download files from Steam or from other sites, but in any case, use these tips:

  1. Come up with a strong password for your account, be sure to add your email or phone number to protect yourself from hacking and theft of applications.
  2. The gaming industry is very addictive, always evenly distribute the time, because you can get too carried away and forget about your responsibilities.
  3. Be sure to write reviews or recommendations as you go for other users, especially if it's not that popular.
  4. If you download a video game for free from another site and you like it, then support the developer and purchase the original version.

Steam allows you to enter the world of video games and find a new source of entertainment. But it's up to you to decide whether it's worth starting your journey in the gaming industry!

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