Everything You Need To Know About Exit Cleaning

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Exit cleaning Melbourne is an important part of routine janitorial services. While it might seem like a simple matter—just vacuum, wipe down the floor and dust some surfaces—it's actually a lot more complicated than that.

In fact, Professional Exit Cleaning Service is so important that many states require facilities to provide this service to their employees on a regular basis. If you're wondering whether you should be doing exit cleaning in your facility, or if you want to know more about what it entails specifically, read on!

When do you need to do exit cleaning?

There are many reasons that you may need to do exit cleaning. For example:

  • After a fire, flood or storm has damaged your home and its contents.
  • When an emergency drill has been conducted in your building.
  • When there was a power outage or tornado/hurricane/earthquake warning in your area. (These events can cause dust to settle on surfaces like shelves and window sills.)

Exit cleaning is also recommended after an evacuation, which could have left behind dust and debris from outside sources as well as toxic particles released into the air by smoke detectors or other safety equipment during the event itself.

What does an exit cleaning service do?

When you hire an exit cleaning service, they will clean all of the equipment in your restrooms and make sure that everything looks spotless. They will also make sure that there are no stains on any surfaces and that everything is sanitized.

This includes cleaning all of the surfaces in your restrooms--floors, walls, sinks and mirrors. The cleaners use special equipment to get into every nook and cranny so that every inch of your facility is spotless when they leave. They'll even deep clean behind toilets and urinals!

  • Cleaning floors with mops or brushes depending on what type of surface it is made out of (tile vs carpet).
  • Washing down walls using various chemicals depending on what kind of paint job they have done previously at that location before applying new coats over them again so as not to damage anything else throughout this process while still maintaining its original color scheme/patterns etcetera - which means if someone wants blue walls instead red ones then this person would need another company who specializes specifically within those two fields rather than just generalizing all customers together under one umbrella.

Exit cleaning Melbourne is a critical part of the sanitation process. It's important to do exit cleaning regularly so that your facilities are clean and safe for the next occupants. Exit cleaning can help you avoid fines and legal action, as well as keep employees happy by making sure they have a safe environment in which to work.


Exit cleaning is a necessary part of any facility that has employees coming in and out. It is also important for businesses to have their exit cleaning done regularly so that they can keep their building as clean as possible. Exit cleaning is something that should be done by professionals because they can do it quickly and efficiently without taking up too much time or money on your end.

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