Traditional Makeup Vs. Airbrush Makeup

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Beauty methodologies have advanced to such a stage wherein numerous techniques have been developed to perform a task efficiently and perfectly.

Beauty methodologies have advanced to such a stage wherein numerous techniques have been developed to perform a task efficiently and perfectly. For instance, talking about makeup techniques, the very two names that come to the minds of many people are – traditional makeup and air brush makeup. These two makeup methodologies have been a cause of confusion as to which one is better than the other.

Talking about airbrush makeup in Ghaziabad, it is a comparatively thin and fine product as compared to the traditional foundation and works wonders on a skin that is already in a nice condition. One thing that needs to be kept in mind about air brush makeup is that it mustn't be applied heavily on the skin. Moreover, this makeup technique doesn't leg-up on the traditional makeup methods until and unless you have put on a unique or specific look. At HD Makeover, we have a huge range of beauticians dealing with the application of airbrush makeup on your skin in order to provide you with a dazzling and beautified look.

Traditional makeup, on the other hand, has a much richer coverage than the airbrush makeup technique and is more opaque as well. Since, its finish is in hand-blending, you can very well use this product for skin having texture issues. Apart from this, traditional foundation is also quite flexible in sheering down or building up coverage and thereby gives the artist an extra control on the ultimate outcome. It is more water-resistant than water-proof but acts, feels and looks like skin and hence, requires makeup wipe and a little bit of patience to remove.

Different people have different opinions on which makeup is better – the traditional one or the air brush one. Pooja, owner at HD Makeover – one of the finest airbrush makeup Ghaziabad outlets, deals in application of both these varieties of makeup and that too with the utmost perfection. However, with certain myths associated to these, the choice often becomes a bit tough. Below are mentioned a few points discussing these myths and the facts associated behind them:

Airbrush Makeup is better for skin in bad condition: This is totally a myth and is definitely not true. In fact, airbrush makeup is far too thin and hence, cannot be used as foundation for fine lines, acne, scarring, dry skin and wrinkles. Worst to worst, it can be used on top of a layer of traditional foundation in order to provide a fine finish.

Airbrush Makeup is water-proof: Well yes, airbrush makeup might be waterproof but when a makeup is water-resistant, it accompanies its own set of problems.

Airbrush Makeup is flawless: Any kind of makeup can bring out the prettiest of you, it isn't necessary to use a specific kind of makeup only. HD Makeover, the most renowned beauty parlour in Ghaziabad, deals in specializing in both traditional makeup and airbrush makeup. Pooja, best makeup artist at HD Makeover, possesses a well-equipped and trained staff that efficiently carries out and resolves all your makeup related queries besides providing you with an optimum solution for the same as well. Feel free to give a call, in case you seek any more information regarding which make up to apply on what occasion.

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