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A watch is more than just an object that tells us the time: it is a jewel that dresses our wrist and that can accompany us throughout our lives if we provide it with the necessary care. Avoiding shocks, carrying out a correct cleaning and changing the battery are three of the fundamental keys that will allow our Engraved Gold Watch to last almost forever. In this case, we are going to see how to change the battery of your watch: a task that requires patience, dedication and a lot of love.

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I want to change the watch battery: how do I do it?

Consider first that you can go to a watch shop and leave this task in the hands of a professional: if you do not know where to change the battery of your watch, you can check the model on the internet or go to a jewelry or watch shop. They will surely inform you in a timely manner and indicate the price that best suits your needs and your watch from Watches Factory.

If you decide to act by yourself, you should have some instruments, some easier to find than others at home:

1) Precision pliers. You can use tweezers instead (yes, like hair removal). It is preferable that you use plastic.
2) Jeweler's screwdriver. If you don't have one, use a 1.5mm or 2mm flathead screwdriver.
3) Watchmaker's knife. It is like a normal knife but it has a blade that does not cut, it is used to pry the back cover and open the watch.
4) Gloves. Its use is optional, but the latex or plastic of the glove will help the pieces to be more protected during the process, preventing them from slipping from your hands and the grease from your fingers damaging the battery.
5) Magnifying glass or magnifying mirror, so as not to strain your eyes.
6) Replacement cell or battery. Make sure it is the battery that your watch model needs and that it is of good quality.
7) Soft chamois and dry cloths. Count on them to remove any specks of dust you may find on the piece.
8) Smooth, comfortable and clean work surface.
9) Flexo or desk light. To see what you're doing.

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