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Exam Community-Cloud-Consultant Simulator Online

Valid Community-Cloud-Consultant Cram Materials, Online Community-Cloud-Consultant Training

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Salesforce Community-Cloud-Consultant certification is a highly sought-after certification for professionals looking to demonstrate their expertise in Salesforce's Community Cloud technology. Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant certification validates the ability to design and implement effective solutions that leverage the Community Cloud platform to create engaging and collaborative communities for customers, partners, and employees.

Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant Sample Questions (Q225-Q230):

Universal Containers (UC) is implementing a Self Service Community. UC has a high volume of customers with complex hierarchies. The majority of UC customers have multiple Accounts and frequently add new Accounts. Universal Containers wants customers to be able to create new Accounts and Contacts on their own.
Which two license types should UC's Salesforce administrator recommend? Choose 2 answers Select one or more of the following:

  • A. Customer Community Plus
  • B. CustomerCommunity
  • C. Customer Community Login
  • D. Customer Community Plus Login

Answer: A,D

Universal Containers wants to allow customers in the Community to create and edit reports. Which license type should the Salesforce Admin use for these users?

  • A. Customer Community Plus.
  • B. Customer Community Member.
  • C. Community Manager Plus.
  • D. Customer Community Login.

Answer: A

How Should the Salesforce Admin meet these requirements? Universal Containers need a Community for distributors who manage their sales with the following requirements: Each distributor has multiple users. Users within the same distributor should be able to talk to each other. Users should not be able to talk with users from other distributors. Knowledge articles and other Community features should be the same for all distributors.

  • A. Create Sharing groups to share users within a distributor. Allow discussions, keeping the OWD for Users as private.
  • B. Enable the Portal user visibility and disable the Community user visibility under Sharing settings. Keep OWD for Users as private for external users.
  • C. Create a separate Community for each distributor. Allow members to talk within the Community and enable the Community user visibility.
  • D. Create a Sharing set to share the users within a distributor in the Community. Allow discussions, keeping the OWD for Users as private

Answer: B

When allowing external users to Create and Edit reports, what important step must your complete first?

  • A. Share each Report and Dashboard Folder required with the respective community profiles?
  • B. Enable Read and Write to Reports on the Community Profile
  • C. Ensure that Create and Edit reports in checked on the Community Profile
  • D. Create a Permission Set with Create and Edit reports checked so that you can manage which users within the Community are able to create Reports
  • E. Enable the Enhanced Sharing Model

Answer: E

Universal Containers built a Community using the Customer Service (Napili) Template. They want the Salesforce Admin to enable multilingual support for their Community.
Where can the Salesforce Admin configure the languages supported for this Community?

  • A. Community Builder.
  • B. Studio.
  • C. Community Settings.
  • D. Sites.

Answer: D


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