Pick The Best Hydraulic Rubber Hose And Determine When To Replace It

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Learn how to pick the best hydraulic rubber hose for you and determine when to replace it.


Hydraulic rubber hose is an essential component in manufacturing and mobile mechanisms. To pick the best hydraulic hose fittings, it is important to know the supreme pressure that it will handle in most extreme situations.


Moreover, you need to consider the diameter that will fit in your machine. As well as the material and type of connection that will be needed to fit in the machine. Once this is known, you can select the right rubber hose.


Reason Behind Hydraulic Hose Leak And Determine When To Replace It


It is either leaking between the crimped end of the fitting and the hose itself, or there is a pinch hole in the hose. It may have begun dripping because of overheating or over-pressuring. However, most likely the reason is old age; the hose element becomes fragile with time.


Whatever the reason, you will have to replace that hose immediately. Other ways to determine when to replace hydraulic hose:


  • Any cuts or damage in the outer portion of the hose.

  • Any leakages from any point.

  • If you observe any bend in the hose.

  • You can check the inner portion by observing the flow, mainly the flow is obstructed if there is any fault in the inner side of the hose.


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