Social Criticism Essay

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In the theoretical framework proposed by Geoffrey Chaucer, much attention is paid to the literary dimension...

Social Criticism Essay

In the theoretical framework proposed by Geoffrey Chaucer, much attention is paid to the literary dimension. Conventionally, the author outlined the literature and its methods as powerful instrumental tools that help to depict the reality and attract public attention. Moreover, this approach can be used in the aspect of social criticism when a relevant point of view deserves being highlighted. Thus, the goal of this discussion is to interpret Chaucer ’s main ideas and provide a critical discussion of the contemporary individual and their prominence in addressing a social issue.

Being a father of the English poetry, G. Chaucer interprets the basic characteristics of the medieval society and provides a coherent analysis of the population’s living conditions. The writer outlines the significant characteristics of society, its general traits, and features. Due to the special manner of narration, the reader is likely to resort to self-reflection and compare his or her inner world with the personalities described by G. Chaucer. Moreover, a deep understanding of social foundations and their interpretation helps note the most urgent problems. It means that the population is subjected to the severe criticism in this case.

Referring to the modern epoch, the personality of Joe Biden is especially prominent. As the 47th Vice President of the U.S., he used his power and authority in order to launch a pro-women campaign aimed to reduce violence and sexual harassment. As this issue appears to be rather actual, his appeal to this problem did not remain unnoticed by the public.

To conclude, it is essential to highlight that the presented reflection aims to promote a relevant comprehension of Geoffrey Chaucer’s literature approach to the social aspect. There is no doubt that his approach is rather effective. It also engenders a societal discourse regarding the behavioral practices of individuals.


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