The basics of the numberle game and a 5 letter words game

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Some word games are simple and only involve two or three letters. Other word games involve more letters and take longer to play. Some word games are easy and some are very hard. Many word games are played with cards or dice, but there are also computer versions of word games that you can p

There are actually a numberle of different types of word association games out there. Some are similar to the numberle game, while others are similar to the 5 letter words game. Regardless of which kind of word association game you decide to play, the basic concept is exactly the same for each one.

The numberle game begins with you and another person asking each other questions about specific objects, animals, colours, feelings, actions, etc. For example, you may ask a friend or family member the following questions: What is the colour of their favourite superhero’s suit? What is the first thing that comes to mind when they think of their favourite superhero? What is their favourite food?

To play the 5 letter words game, you and a friend or family member are each given a set of 20 five letter words. These are the letters A to H. You then both take turns asking each other the following questions about these 20 five letter words. For example, you and your friend may each ask the following questions about the word “dog”: What is the animal of the word? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word? What is their favourite food? What is their favourite colour?


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