"Konjac" is good for health, but be careful when eating. for weight loss

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"Konjac" is good for health, but be careful when eating. for weight loss

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Konjac is considered one of the most popular foods for people who are trying to lose weight because it is a low-calorie food. but after eating And can be used to cook easily and a variety of foods, but in fact, there are still some precautions in eating konjac to lose weight that many people may not even know about.

Konjac is a plant that contains an important dietary fiber called glucomannan. It is used by medical practitioners and practitioners to produce it as a dietary supplement to help control weight. and help reduce cholesterol levels Including the industry, using the viscosity of glucomannan to make gels in the making of jelly and jam products.

Dr.Wanaporn Thongchom, Nutritionist, Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University states that we can choose to eat konjac as one of the diets during weight loss. From the fact that konjac is high in soluble fiber. including low energy Can be eaten instead of noodles that are usually made from other flour instead. 100 grams of konjac provides only 10 kilocalories of energy. Therefore, it is a good substitute for noodles. (Compared to vermicelli that provides 60 calories of energy to yellow noodles that provide more than 200 calories of energy)

benefits of konjac
Konjac nutrients may be few or not prominent. Most of the konjac contains soluble fiber. which from many studies found that Konjac dietary fiber called glucomannan helps in the functioning of the digestive system. help reduce blood sugar reduce blood fat and help lose weight

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However, cooking with konjac is a key factor in how much you benefit from konjac. If you want to invade to help your body in various matters You should also cook konjac properly. For example, adding konjac to foods that are high in fat, high in sugar, konjac can not help reduce sugar and blood fat as well.

Precautions for eating konjac for weight loss
Choosing konjac food to help you lose weight is to eat konjac before meals to help fill your stomach faster Eating other foods has been reduced, thereby reducing weight, but in fact medically want to control the amount of food eaten appropriately Don't focus too much on the number of weights. Should choose to eat all 5 food groups in the amount of each group that is not too much. And exercise along with it will be the best.
According to the Hello Doctor website, young children and pregnant women Be careful when eating konjac. Small children may be at risk of getting stuck in the throat. In pregnant women, it can cause bloating as well.
Some people are sensitive to dietary fiber. Eating konjac can cause bloating, constipation or diarrhea. If you have flatulence or constipation after eating konjac should drink more water
Groups of patients with gastrointestinal diseases such as intestinal obstruction, etc., eating konjac, which is a high-fiber diet. can be dangerous Talk to your doctor about the proper amount to eat.
In some cases, allergic reactions may occur. If you eat konjac and have allergic reactions such as rashes, congestion or fast heartbeats. You should stop eating and see a doctor immediately.

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