Explore Kathmandu Monkey Temple

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Swayambhunath is located on a hill west of Kathmandu, Nepal. Because there are many monkeys living here all year round, travelers prefer to call it "Monkey Temple". There are about 150 monks living in the Monkey Temple. As for the number of monkeys, No one knows how much it is,

At the foot of the Nepalese temple, you need to climb a long ladder to reach the Monkey Temple. This is the territory of the monkeys. Of course, they are not afraid of humans at all but boldly walk beside you. There are several "monkey soldiers" guarding every few steps, but they are not content with their posts, but jump around and are agile. Looking at the panting humans, they may still be a little bit unseen.


Monkey Temple is the oldest Nepalese Buddhist temple, with a history of more than 2500 years. It is said that the Buddha once visited here. The earthquake in Nepal a few years ago also caused some damage to the Monkey Temple, but fortunately, it was not serious. Every year on the Buddha's birthday, a grand ceremony will be held here, and devotees will come one after another, and the scene is quite lively.

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