Path of Exile - Lake of Kalandra New Gems

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Path of Exile's new theme Lake of Kalandra has been updated, players can use the mirror to view Lake of Kalandra, this update you will see the most expensive poe currency, the rarest item Mirror of Kalandra, kill the enemy to get Loot including POE Exalted Orbs.

Once in the updated map, Mirrored tabled lets you build and customize the enemies and different mechanics you'll face in Calandra Lake. In the Lake of Kalandra update, the newly added gems are lightning gems, with different effects.

Galvanic Field

When you electrocute an enemy, the electric field will give you a buff, it will create a spherical energy field for the enemy you electrocute, which will deal 12 to 224 lightning damage to the enemy and nearby enemies, the buff lasts for about 6 seconds.

Lightning Conduit

Lightning Conduit is the next gem with spells, AoE, and lightning. Lightning Conduit is a bit tricky to use, you can only use Lightning Conduit on Shocked enemies, it will only work on enemies. When an enemy is electrocuted, this gem's spell sends lightning at the enemy and shocks all enemies in the selected circle. Lightning Conduit deals 134 to 403 damage, depending on how hard you hit enemies.

Overcharge Support

The Overcharge Support Gem is also a Lightning Gem, It can connect your other attack abilities and other skills. This gem will support all abilities that will hit enemies. The player's supporting skills will have a 50% chance to be electrocuted. Overcharge Support skill deals 50% more damage to enemies.

Players can use these gems in their inventory of armor and other items to enhance the armor with electric fields. The buff will also appear in the top right corner of the screen after a shock has been administered. Just attack your foe and there will be a shocking silhouette that deals damage to your foe.

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