Find Your Secret Recovery Phrase With MetaMask Sign In

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Metamask enables the users to manage and safely store the transactions, account keys, cryptocurrencies along with the tokens.

If you are looking for your Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP), then you are at the right place. Here, in this article, we will learn how to find SRP on MetaMask. But, before that let’s get an idea about it.

Secret Recovery Phrase can be termed as a master key that is generated at the time of setting up an account. It is a 12-word phrase by which your funds are connected.

Remember, this is different from your password.

Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP) plays a vital role. Because, in case you ever lost your password, SRP will help you in recovering your wallet and funds. It is recommended to note it down somewhere safe, and use it if and when you want to access your account on any other device.

How to Find Secret Recovery Phrase on MetaMask?

Here, you will go through the steps that are involved in finding SRP via mobile devices and the extension.

SRP on MetaMask mobile app

The steps covered under this are:

  1. Open the mobile app
  2. Go with MetaMask Sign In
  3. Now, go to the settings by clicking on the three parallel lines at the upper left side
  4. Bang on “Security Privacy”
  5. Tap on “Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase”
  6. Enter your password and hit on “Next”
  7. To get your SRP, tap and hold for a while
  8. Copy the SRP and you are done with the steps

SRP on MetaMask extension

Finding SRP via extension will involve the following steps:

  1. Open the MetaMask wallet extension on your preferred browser
  2. Tap on “Unlock” after entering the password
  3. Go to the “Profile” icon, at the upper right side of the wallet
  4. Tap on “Settings”
  5. Tap on “Security Privacy” icon
  6. Click on “Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase”
  7. Click on “Next” after providing your password
  8. You’ll be able to see the SRP
  9. Download it in CSV format (as suggested) or you can copy it

You have successfully found your SRP.

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Bottom Line

Metamask sign in is an essential step before you perform any activity through this wallet extension. It is essential to ensure that no one other than the account holder is using the wallet. However, with the above steps, you’ll be able to find your SRP on both the mobile app and the extension. It is advised not to share your SRP with anyone and keep it safe somewhere because Metamask support or any of the members of Metamask never ask for it.

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