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Investing in luxury watches is an increasingly common practice. The main watchmaking houses have exclusive watches, in very small print runs that can be a very profitable investment, in addition, there are highly coveted pieces for different reasons, knowing how to choose can lead us to make excellent investments in very special pieces, this week we analyze the characteristics that a watch must have to become a profitable investment.

Is it possible to make the purchase of a luxury watch profitable?

Watches rarely increase in value, however, there is a niche of pieces that do manage to increase, sometimes even multiply, their value.

Keep in mind that investment watches require a very high cost, since they are very special watches, whose characteristics make them unique pieces or extremely rare models.

Investing in luxury watches can be a very profitable business, however, and it is essential to find classics that are worth making an investment in.

The characteristics of a watch with the potential to be revalued

Before making a decision, it is essential to know in depth the characteristics of the model, in order to gauge the possibilities it has of being revalued.

If you want to invest in luxury watches, you should take into account the following issues.

  • Investment in luxury watches
  • Brand and model
  • These two characteristics are essential. Later we will talk about the importance of exclusive collections, however, for a watch to be revalued it will be essential that it is backed by a reference brand in the Swiss Luxury Watches Factory sector.

If you follow our blog regularly, you will know the main watch brands, these manufacturers ensure that their mechanisms are the most precise in the world and their watches will always have value in the secondary market, in addition, they guarantee that their models are fully certified.

As for the models, if you want to invest, it is best to avoid the most popular pieces. A Rolex Hulk or a Patek Philippe Nautilus are an excellent purchase, but they are not an investment, since they are very popular models that are unlikely to increase in value.

Characteristics and limited series

This is one of the keys when making an investment in luxury watches. The characteristics of a specific piece can make it a very valuable watch, if, for example, it is part of a limited edition.

You must know the mechanism, its characteristics and its precision, if in addition the watch is not included among the most popular manufactures of the brand, perhaps you are facing a good investment opportunity.

Analyze the state of conservation of the watch

Sometimes we find a watch that, at first glance, represents an exceptional investment, it is part of a special edition, it belongs to a reference manufacture, its mechanism is of recognized prestige, however, for various reasons the watch has not been properly preserved. and is not in perfect condition.

If you are going to make a high investment in a watch, obviously you should be the one to make the first evaluation of the piece, however, it is highly recommended that you consult an expert in watch revision and evaluation, to analyze the real state of the watch and determine if it is in perfect condition.

If you invest in a piece in poor condition, you can lose a lot of money.

These three questions, brand, characteristics and conservation, are the ones that will give you the necessary clues to determine whether or not a watch can be revalued.

    • Watches with history, a safe investment
    • Investment in luxury watches
    • Sometimes normal watches, within the most common models of a brand, are worth millions of euros, the most common reason is that the piece has belonged to a celebrity.
    • Can you imagine what price the Speedmasters that landed on the moon with the first space explorers could fetch? new appreciating.

An excellent example to understand to what extent a watch can be revalued for this reason is the case of Paul Newman's Rolex Daytona.

The American actor used to be seen with this watch since the end of the 60s, in fact it was so common to see the actor accompanied by this watch, that many knew the model as the Rolex Paul Newman.

In 2017 it went to auction, the price reached was 17 million dollars, the highest paid for a watch.

This is an excellent example of the extent to which a watch can multiply its value if it is worn by a celebrity, for people looking to invest these are sure-fire opportunities.

Invest in luxury watches, what you should do

Like other investments, investing in luxury watches is complex and you need to know the market well. The revaluation system is similar to that of the automobile market, any car loses value once it leaves the dealership, however, there are cars that, over time, increase in value, if we are able to identify profitable parts, we will be able to take advantage of the opportunities of the market.

Here are some tips so that your investments are always successful.

      • Buy as cheap as possible, this may seem obvious, but it is important to know that if you pay a premium for a watch, it will be very difficult for you to recover the investment and make a profit over time.
      • Check its features. It's always best to shop in person, thrift stores allow you to recognize the watch first-hand, plus our luxury watch shop has a team of high-end watch specialists.
      • Invest in mechanisms. Perhaps it is a more complex idea, because in this case we are referring to the most technical part of a watch, but investing in mechanisms is always a good choice, both in watches to invest in and in watches that will be part of our collection forever.
      • Why invest in high-end watches?
      • It is a profitable investment
      • Clocks are used for more than just telling the time; They are a symbol of elegance, status and art. Many watches have become genuine collector's items and fetch impressive figures on the auction market. For example, a 1942 Patek Philippe wristwatch fetched $2.77 million at auction in 2009.

High-end watches offer great returns. The investment fund Precious Time calculated that investment in watches reaches returns ranging from 11 to 20% per year. That means that a watch worth 1,000 euros could now be worth 1,110 to 1,200 euros. In the long term, the profitability is much higher than that offered by any checking account.

It is an affordable investment

Of course, investing in watches is much cheaper than investing in the housing market, for example. In addition, as we have seen, the profitability can be the same.

It is a demanded investment

You don't have to look far to sell a watch. If you put in Google “I buy watches” you will have more than 700,000 search results, which shows the great market that exists for this type of object.

It is a low risk investment

It is true that in the Stock Market you can win a lot of money, but you can also lose everything. The stock market is subject to significant fluctuations. On the other hand, investment in watches is more stable. The normal thing is that a watch goes up in value as the years go by.

It is an investment you can enjoy

Buying gold bars is fine, but they will be stored in a safe for years. Instead, you will be able to wear a high-end watch and enjoy it until you decide to sell it. And as long as you take good care of it, its value will not diminish.

That is why we recommend you buy a watch that is not only going to appreciate in value in the future, but also that you really like.

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