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Jaeger Le-Coultre watches offer the opportunity to get a collector's watch at the best price. At Custom Watch Manufacturers they have several of the best models from the Swiss firm, watches that will be the most special pieces in your collection and the best reflection of what a watch can offer the person who wears it.

Jaeger Le-Coultre is a mythical brand in the world of Swiss watchmaking, on a par with Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet or Rolex, a brand that at the time revolutionized Swiss watchmaking and that today continues to bill some of the best contemporary watches

This week we look at the history of the brand and the best opportunities offered by the custom Jaeger Le-Coultre watch market.

History of the Jaeger Le-Coultre brand

The history of the Le-Coultre family dates back to the 16th century, although the date that marks the origin of the brand is 1833, the year in which Antoine Le-Coultre founded a small jewelry workshop in Le Sentier, with the aim to develop high-precision chronometers.

In 1844 Antoine Le-Coultre invented the most precise time measurement instrument in the world, the Millionométre, the brand's first milestone, although many more would come later.

The Le-Coultre family founds the first modern Swiss watchmaking workshop, bringing together in a single workshop all the manufactures necessary for the creation of watches. Until 1866 the Swiss watch industry was structured in small workshops, many of them specialized in a single task, the Le-Coultre family is the first to settle in its factory all the trades necessary to develop a watch.

By the year 1900 the brand had developed some 350 different calibers. The precision of its movements was such that even Patek Philippe used semi-finished movements from Jaeger Le-Coultre.

The brand takes its current name when in 1903 the Le-Coultre family joins the Parisian Edmond Jaeger to manufacture ultra-thin watches. In 1907 they created the world's flattest pocket watch.

Among the inventions and patents of the Jaeger Le-Coultre brand, the first watch capable of measuring a micron, the first watch that did not need a key to operate or set the time, the flattest movement in the world, the first watch in the world with small complications, the first perpetual calendar watch, the first minute repeater watch or the first watch to incorporate three animated dials in a single movement.

Jaeger Le-Coultre offers eight different haute horlogerie collections. In all of them the taste for detail, precision and luxury is evident. The following are the collections available in the Jaeger Le-Coultre catalogue.


It is one of the most iconic collections of Swiss watchmaking. At the beginning of the 30s of the last century, the brand considered the possibility of creating a special watch for polo players, with which the case could be protected simply by turning it. Today it offers some of the most iconic Jaeger le-Coultre models, with its ever-present rectangular case.


Women's watches set in diamonds, in fact, Jaeger Le-Coultre was the first brand to incorporate diamonds into its cases. Rendez-Vous watches are part of one of the most sought-after women's watch lines in the world.


Master watches are developed from pure, clean lines, creating watches of extreme elegance with various complications, which make this collection one of the essentials in any self-respecting collection.


Sportsmanship without forgetting urban life. Chronograph and world time are just two of the complications that Jaeger Le-Coultre Polaris watches usually incorporate, to create pieces that become the ideal travel companion.


The highest complexity of watchmaking in collection pieces. Within this line you will find the Jaeger Le-Coultre Universal Time, watches with which you can have a watch capable of offering you the time in any country in the world.


The Duomètre incorporate two independent mechanisms linked by a single regulating organ, the first movement controls the complications, while the second guarantees absolute precision in time measurement. All Duomètre watches are decorated by hand, in a process that involves many hours of work.


It is one of the most curious collections of Swiss haute horlogerie. In this case we are not talking about wristwatches, but about grandfather clocks. The main curiosity of these watches is that the mechanism works automatically... activated by the temperature itself.

Hubris Mechanics

The brand itself recognizes that Hybris Mechanica is the pinnacle of the Swiss watchmaking brand, due to the extreme complexity of each model. These are limited edition models, which have been in the works for years and incorporate the new Jaeger Le-Coultre patents.

These are the eight collections that Jaeger Le-Coultre currently manages, in all of them you will find high-end watches, which in some cases offer complications that you can only find in Jaeger Le-Coultre watches.

Jaeger Le-Coultre watches are not cheap, they include all kinds of complications and mechanisms that are the result of years of research by the Luxury Watches Factory itself. However, there is a way to get Jaeger Le-Coultre watches at the best price, by purchasing custom models.

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