Forgot PayPal login password?: check what to do now

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Easily and securely shop from millions of brands across the world with confidence. PayPal has got you covered.

Online operations have become an integral part of our daily schedule. The world has gone digitalized with the advancement of technologies and software inventions. Talking of the management of monetary funds, every minor activity relating to funds now has almost gone online and it has also become a great choi ce for people. 

And in the financial industry, many artificial bodies emerged to meet the need of the people by providing several financial services and products. One such platform is PayPal. If you too are using this platform to meet your financial requirements then this read is going to be helpful for you.

Wanna know how?

With this read, we will be learning the process of resetting the PayPal login password through the web and a mobile app also. Have an eye on the process listed below.

Through the web

The footprints for resetting your PayPal login account password are covered as under, have a quick check at them:

    1. Visit the official website of the PayPal
    2. Reach the PayPal login page
    3. Hit on “Forgot Password?”, beneath the “Email or Mobile Number” box
    4. Type in your email address registered with this body “Next”
    5. Pick up an option to get the security check done “Next”
    6. Once the security check gets completed, you’ll be then asked to create a password
    7. Create a unique account password and keep it somewhere safe
    8. Follow the remaining steps to reset the account password

Once, you get notified about the confirmation of the new password, try to get into the account using the newly generated password. Do remember, not to share the password with anyone as a security practice.

Through a mobile app

Using a mobile app for an easy approach is the most common way of accessing the online account for streamlining financial operations. If you too prefer using a mobile app over the web, then do check a short guide given underneath for resetting the account password through a mobile app.

    1. To start, tap on the app icon
    2. Move to the PayPal login page
    3. Hit on the “Forgot Password?” blue-colored line
    4. Provide the email ID registered with this artificial body
    5. Bang on “Next”
    6. Select  the method for security checking “Next”
    7. On completion of the security check, you will be asked to create a new password
    8. Frame a new password for your account as per the prescribed guidelines
    9. Complete the further prompted steps to reset the password

And you are done now!! The password will then get modified. Recheck the same by getting into the account using the newly generated password.

Closing Thoughts!!

If you ever forgot your PayPal login password then just go through this complete read to reset the account password. It is always recommended not to share sensitive information relating to your account with anyone. Be very attentive while performing any online operations, especially relating to monetary funds.

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