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You know which hand to wear the Custom Mens Watches on, you may be concerned with other questions such as whether it should be worn on the wrist, what type of strap to wear, or how tight it should be.

Is there any correct position for the watch? Actually, there isn't. Normally, it is carried in the position that is most comfortable. The traditional thing is to place it immediately after the wrist, this gives comfort when it comes to hand movement. However, in some cases it can be a more difficult position to achieve, especially if closed-cuffed shirts are worn.

The second possible position is directly on the wrist. This placement can be uncomfortable if it is too tight, as it can reduce your pulse rate and make certain hand actions difficult. The good thing about this position is that visualizing the time is much easier.

The truth is that it is a matter of comfort and practicality that each one has. But, what can be "an aesthetic fashion crime" is that the watch is seen in its entirety on those men who wear long-sleeved shirts. Maximum visibility should be only half the sphere when the arm is lowered all the way.

How much should I adjust it? Again, there is nothing written about it; everyone should look for the comfort of the fit. The thing is, if it's too tight, it can restrict blood flow, and if it's too loose, it can feel like a roller coaster, making it unsightly.

Our advice is that you choose the necessary fit so that it holds firmly on the wrist and allows a certain amount of slack in its rotation.

Which strap is correct? The choice of the strap must be taken into account, since in some cases it can be quite uncomfortable to see. Although initially it is also a matter of taste, what is considered "well seen" is related to the activity we carry out when we wear our Custom Luxury Watches.

For example, on festive occasions, wearing brown or black leather straps for men, or mesh, silver or gold for Custom Womens Watches, is often considered the right thing to do. The steel ones are perfect in urban environments and if sports activities are carried out, silicone or rubber straps can be chosen.

If you are worried about which hand the watch is placed on, rest assured, put it where it is most comfortable for you and where it will not hinder you from carrying out your usual tasks. The important thing is that you like it and, in this way, it will become part of the extension of your own body.

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